Enjoy. When a smudge stick is burnt, it gives off resinous smoke that burns up toxic energy, restoring people and places back to harmonious balance. You not only get to reap the benefits of the smell for months, but a floral sage smudge bundle is also a beautiful addition to you altar and sacred space. I think it would be done the same way using rosemary as she did sage….. Also in a few photos you can clearly see she added rosemary to her sage sticks. Hand-wrapped in white cotton string. Practice These Yoga Poses to Boost Your Energy, 6 Undeniable Reasons You Should Drink More Water, Energy Healing 101: Your Guide to Healing Crystals, Diastasis Recti Recovery: 10 Yoga Poses + Tips to Help New Moms Heal, How to Make a DIY Japa Mala Necklace + Charge It With Intention (Step-By-Step Photo Tutorial), 5 Online Yoga Classes That Are Better Than Going to the Studio, Buckle Up! Post may contain affiliate links. 1 abalone shell smudging dish and our bubbly lavender rose + pink Himalayan Quartz crystal infused bath soak in a reusable jar. This process is called smudging, and it’s a beautifully refreshing and cleansing experience that is essentially like taking an energetic shower. Layer your ingredients, positioning the bases of the largest leaves (or stemmed herbs) at the same level as one another. Did it contain rosemary? as you move around the space. We plant a tree for every class you take. As always, this is not personal medical advice and we recommend that you talk with your doctor. Take a bunch of sage, a sprig of rosemary and some rose petals and bunch them together. You can walk (or dance!) _ord=Math.random()*10000000000000000;_rand=parseInt(Math.random()* (5 - 1) + 1);_ad="