Obviously not one of the hard-line Mohammadan countries. I have some figs in vodka that have been in the fridge since I got off the Ark. Many alcoholic drinks also contain antioxidants, not just red wine. You can tell the dinosaurs. It will lessen sensitivity to pain. If that happens, strong rum can be poured into the gas tank. Vodka in a spray bottle will repel mosquitoes, flies, and other pests when applied to your skin. In ancient Egypt and China, alcohol … Jun 2, 2019 - Explore Kim Graham's board "Medicinal Purposes", followed by 109 people on Pinterest. This article is basically telling us to turn to a bottle of alcohol to solve many of our problems! The 8 hits with a combo of 9 mm and .40S&W did make a fatal impression on him. Never even consider using drinking alcohol as a motor fuel , it’s MUCH more valuable for other purposes . We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Again this has a bunch of risks, so I am mentioning it just for informational purposes. But again, the medicinal effects of regularly taking the amounts of antioxidants found in a single glass every day are unclear. If you need a bottle of Everclear or a bag of dope or a 38 Special just have a friend wrap it up and ship it. The antioxidants in whiskey are proven to aid in memory retention and prevent the onset of dementia. No i need to go one state over, but that state only carries the 151 stuff, not the 190. That is why Survivorman is correct in his statement that one need 130 proof liquor to kill bacteria and other pathogens. Muscle pain and joint discomfort can be treated with rum. Many types of booze can aid in heart health, as alcohol is a natural blood thinner. It is similar to what I have always said about the lead left on the lip of the bottle from lead wine seals. I’ve also used brandy to make things like brandied cherries, and those can last a really long time, much like LCC’s figs. You can also use alcohol in tinctures, one that is at least 80 proof (40% alcohol). 1. Did you know that your favorite hoppy, carbonated beverage actually has health benefits? Here are 10 medicinal uses of alcohol that you can benefit from if you pour yourself a drink. }); Maybe Joe should take up alcohol, rum, not vodka. The mildness of vodka can be combined with any beverage for a tasty drink, but there are plenty of medicinal uses for vodka that do not involve drinking it. It also reduces inflammation in the body. Most legitimate hand sanitizers being sold today run between 63% ethanol or higher up to 75% ethanol. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { I did not realize alcohol could have other Medici al benefits so while this article didn’t fully inform, for me, it started a whole new line of inquiry. Check out the red KAG ball cap on Amazon, definitely wins out over the JOE cap. Like most alcohol, beer has a blood-thinning effect, which is believed to fight against blood clots and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. This is a very weak article full of unproven medical factoids which are still in the category of unproven medical myths other than it is better to use moonshine to clean a wound than water straight from the Los Angeles River. ah hah, 1st proof there was a dinosaur on The Ark! My alert to buy more typically occurs when I open the last unopened bottle or move it to one of the kits. LCC, I didn’t say we used alcohol to help us sleep. Good scientific studies have shown that taking anti oxidants has no effect, good or bad, on a person’s health. Alcohol. LCC – at least giver her her due on the tinctures. Women's Nat'l Committee for Law Enforcement. I do remember when Nyquil had a lot of alcohol in it and that stuff used to knock me out. I looked them up on Amazon and they certainly are not giving them away. For the most part, this has been in order to “remember their misery no more” (Proverbs 31:6-7). Clean marker stains. In my opinion, that is the most important use of alcohol in an EOTW situation. The state nearest me where I know I can get the 190 proof Everclear is far enough away that during the height of the pandemic, i couldn’t get there from here. (I saw vodka being used like this just last night on Netflix series, “To the Lake.” The Russian series deals with a deadly pandemic.). I am no one’s authority on this, but during the early days of the COVID pandemic, I read that it was a myth that regular vodka would sterilize anything. Common Names: Five Leaf Ginseng, Poor Man’s Ginseng, Southern Ginseng, Miracle… Do You Live Near One? In ancient Egypt and China, alcohol was used as part of herbal medicine. Media caption Concoctions of gin and wine were once thought to hold health-giving properties. We tend to use markers often. I dilute it to 75% because it is easy to figure. $('#force').val(count) Hops might cause dizziness and sleepiness in some people. All Rights reserved - AskaPrepper.com. I’m not saying how I know, but if you are adjacent to Nevada, it carries 190 proof Everclear, Along with Native American tobacco shop cigarettes, I am confident that several thousands of gallons of Everclear somehow found its way across the Nevada-PDRK border this year, despite having a customs station located between Barstow and Needles on the road back from Sin City. I don’t know if they are still putting a silver compound in the eyes of newborns to prevent gonorrhea but I seriously doubt it, although it was standard practice 100 years ago. mbi: I have read and personally it seems to me to be true that while alcohol helps one fall asleep immediately (no, I am not talking about too much alcohol which made one pass out) the effect is temporary and within a fairly short period restlessness and poor sleep appear from the use of alcohol to obtain a night’s sleep. As Bogart said, you shouldn’t trust a teetotaler or a virgin. This is a fantastic article! }); Fermentation is known to improve gut health and restore friendly bacteria in the GI Tract. That is pure supposition on my part however and I know of no medical evidence to support it. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. will repel mosquitoes, flies, and other pests, This Common Household Item Is One Of The Most Useful Survival Assets, 25 Little Known Survival Uses For Tree Bark, How To Prepare Your Car In Case You Have To Live In It, Things You Throw Away That You Should Add To Your Stockpile Instead, 10+ Things To Do To Winter-Proof Your Home, How Much Ammo You Need For Practice Just To Keep Your Shooting Skills In Shape, DIY Condensed Milk Recipe That Can Last More Than 2 Years. After consuming just 1 glass of whiskey, the drink brings on a calming effect on your nerves. They are all wearing red KAGS hats. Does she not realize that if the rum evaporates, it leaves the water behind along with all the sugars and other impurities that give rum its flavors? Alcohols applied to the skin are used to disinfect skin before a needle stick and before surgery. What is the medicinal use of cannabis? a drink of your choice per day will give health and antioxidant benefits ( not true of vodka and many other distilled drinks).The rest of the writing has been copied from other sources and stuck together to make an article. Due to the high concentration of alcohol in vodka, it works as a way to wash your hands if you are not near running water. How Will You Treat Your Current Ailment When The Medical System Collapses? var st = null; Here's a rundown of the medicinal uses of alcohol through history and time. Ask a doctor or pharmacist before using isopropyl alcohol on a … One of the aforementioned antioxidants in red wine is called resveratrol, which is a component that is said to help lower blood pressure and increase good cholesterol. I use 100 proof vodka for those, but have also used Everclear when i lived in a state where I could buy it. It Can Lower Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease. 4 Urban schools have with White, African medicinal purposes of alcohol in both years with. It is a central nervous system depressant. The use of alcohol can easily remove these marker stains. I wonder if my ceramic cookie jar would serve as a rumtopf crock? I made fig vodkatopf although I didn’t add all that sugar. Most of us can relate to the movie Hangover, but alcohol has medicinal properties if used in the right manner. The two bottles the spouse assured me were in a certain spot turned out to be witch hazel. © 2014-2020 Copyright Askaprepper. It cannot be denied that wine was used, and even prescribed, for medicinal purposes in the Bible. However, I ha e never thought of alcohol as a prepper as anything other than bartering item, possible fuel, pain killer, wound cleaner or fire starter. In addition to having a little fun, booze is great for treating ailments and can really save you in a dire situation. Tannins in dark rum likely contain more sugar than light rum, and sugar is not our friend when using alcohol as a topical solution. I should have used a better brand of vodka. For example, wine is made from fermented grapes and other fruits, beer is made from fermented grains, as is vodka and other high-proof spirits. She did say 80 proof/40% alcohol, and, having done some tincturing, I can attest that 40% makes a fine tincture, and that the water content in 40% vodka actually improves most tincturing because of its ability to dissolve water-soluble aspects of the herb or material being tinctured that are not dissolved by the alcohol component. Thanks for publishing! $(document).on('focusout', '#comment', function(){ Among the things this year has taught me one is to look at the stuff i don’t use often but am awfully glad to see it on the shelf when i need it and be sure i’ve got some close to hand. High-proof alcohol can disinfect wounds, cuts, and toothaches, as long as the alcohol is clear and sugar-free. So this article was very interesting and inspiring for me. Moderation is key. Medicinal Alcohol. Seeing as i had the bottle of the 190 stuff for 15 years, it’s not something I use in mass quantities. Also , alcohol does not make you warm , … Light rum has more use than darker rum in a desperate situation. Inspired or enraged by our list? And, by the way, drink straight alcoholic beverages without ice cubes or diluted with water unless it is bottled water which is delivered sealed to you. Those with more water-soluble components need alcohol with a proof of 80–100, while those with fewer water-soluble components need 180-proof alcohol. Did you notice that according to the author tinctures require 160 proof alcohol? If you live near the coast, vodka can also be poured onto a jellyfish sting, which will soothe the sting in a minimum of 10 minutes. This naturally works best when I am not otherwise consuming alcohol, but it allows me to be mostly medication free regarding my asthma (doing this two to three times a year). I did need to get some isopropyl alcohol during the worst of the C19 crazy buying, and none was to be had. Other compounds are soluble in cold or hot water, others in oil. It comes at 98 or 99% strength, so it can be diluted a little bit. I want the herbal combination formulae of making rum/gin/whisky or brandy in powder form could be diluted in water for human use as a harmless medical supplement. So, thank you, Tracy. Isopropyl alcohol may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Drunk was temporary; stupid was permanent. London, UK, Australian Vintage Beer promotes healthy cholesterol production, which prevents the buildup of plaque in your arteries. In fact, researchers found that people who reported drinking 1 beer per day were forty percent less likely to develop kidney stones! Important Information. When Prohibition dawned, many doctors continued to prescribe alcohol for anemia, tuberculosis, … Botanical Name: Gynostemma pentaphyllum. For hundreds of years alcohol claimed a prize place among the … An official medicinal alcohol prescription from the 1920s. Before taking this medicine. Some states do not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages over 110 proof. Scoring isopropyl alcohol during the “pandemic” did prove to be difficult and required some creativity. It is 120 proof or 60% alcohol or better. Jul 11, 2012 - In practice, alcohol is not ideal for the uses listed (as there are better items in all categories) but in a pinch, alcohol can be used to help purify water, clean wounds, treat toothache, disinfect hard surfaces. London, UK, Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Please drink responsibly | Log in Just keep it in a cool dark location. Usually ready to serve and enjoy around Thanksgiving or Christmas time. bold claims on your part with no sources or proof. I am a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast and have done a great deal of reading about the use of mercury, arsenic and other wonderful natural substances for ailments in Victorian times so I guess I should be more skeptical. Also, perhaps application of alcohol that strong has a slight numbing effect on the surface nerves. Will this formulae carry health,vigour & vitality without leaving a harmful effects? For alcohol use disorder: 1.5-3 grams of kudzu root extract has been taken in 3 divided doses per day for 1-4 weeks. It is known for its unique aroma and deep flavor, and will now be known for its health properties moving forward. Throughout history, certain drinks have been lauded for their medicinal value, with alcohol used to treat everything from snake bites to tummy ache. Throughout history, certain drinks have been lauded for their medicinal value, with alcohol used to treat everything from snake bites to tummy ache. Here's a rundown of the medicinal uses of alcohol … The Federal Council of Churches. According to the translation (published in 1683) Bacon suggests wine could: "Preserve the stomach, strengthen the natural heat, help digestion, defend the body from corruption, concoct the food till it be turned into very blood." One of the reasons why whiskey was used in earlier days to wash out wounds was not because of its alcohol because bacteria and their effect on wounds was not understood by most people including doctors. While 120 proof is theoretically potent enough to kill bacteria, the problem is that if the alcohol is just at 120 proof/60%, it soon drops from that percentage down below the bare minimum. Ethyl alcohol, also commonly referred to as ethanol, is a colorless liquid that has many uses. Question: Salams, I would just like to ask if we are able to use herbs extracted in alcohol for medicinal purposes.The amount of alcohol used is unknown. Photo credit: Colin Hampden-White. 8 Ways to Use Your Rancid Oil for Survival, The Bunker Food You Need To Have Right Now (Video), 12 Survival Items to Carry With You at All Times, This Common Household Cleaner Has Over 50 Survival Uses, How I Got A 260 Pill SHTF Antibiotic Stockpile. Gut health is not the only medicinal benefit of common household alcohol. You can blend it down to make it drinkable with basically anything, soda, juice etc. The soothing qualities of whiskey are often enjoyed after a meal. If I run across any well-researched material on medicinal uses of alcohol will be sure to share it. LCC – No need to use your cookie jar, A simple glass jar will do. In fact, some beers and ciders also have quite high levels of antioxidants, some of which may better absorbed or more potent than those in wine. The french Tonic Wine and precursor to Pembertons coca wine was called Vin Mariani. It also reduces the plaque build-up that can cause Alzheimer’s later on in life. //$('#email').val(count); Since sugar doesn't dissolve well in cold liquid, many recipes use a simple syrup as the sweetener, and that's very easy to make as well. I was eventually able to get some isopropyl alcohol, and i did also get some 99% stuff that i can dilute as needed. We aren’t big users here, but I do like a bottle in each bathroom, one in the kitchen, and keep one for the camping first aid kit and boating first aid kit. may not reflect alcohol use initiation, 22.0 gender, grade level, race, had initiated alcohol use. The alcohol content is usually about 20 percent to 30 percent (40 to 60 proof) for fruit and berry liqueurs. Since antiquity, wine has been believed to stimulate the appetite, to aid digestion and to act as a general tonic. Thanks, LCC, In addition to enzymes and antioxidants, beer also contains high amounts of potassium and magnesium, which fight against the development of kidney stones. Claude may post a report I gave on a shooting in our county wherein preliminarily the shootee was shot with four bean bags at close range and they had no noticeable effect on him, although the coroner was able to identify the marks on his torso from them. Ethanol is a commonly used medical alcohol. Alcohols, in various forms, are used within medicine as an antiseptic, disinfectant, and antidote. It is very important to have no sugar content in the alcohol used in sanitizing cuts, as sugar will promote bacteria and yeast growth. According to some studies — you know the famous anonymous “studies”— alcohol actually impairs one’s over night sleep although it may help one to sleep immediately upon retiring. It is important to note that none of these health benefits matter if alcoholism is an issue. The whole plant or its extracts can be used to control or relieve medical or mental health conditions. You can also use alcohol in tinctures, one that is at least 80 proof (40% alcohol). Keep your razor inside vodka to keep any bacteria away. Just because vodka or gin are clear does not enhance their alcoholic content. Required fields are marked *. For thousands of years, alcohol has been consumed for its recreational and medicinal properties. It was used because water was so often contaminated with bacteria and typically due to the distillation process that produced the whiskey, it was clean and free of bacteria. I guess Joe is just naturally brain dead. Can’t remember which middle eastern country or the fruit. LCC – if you have an extra covered glass jar or crock, you can make “Rumtopf” a seasonal treat to pour over ice cream, cake or anything to which one tops off with whipped cream! Let us know in the comment box below. I got run over by a car many years ago while I was engaged in a silly game. Designed by Orange-Themes.com. This can be used as a cleaning agent and for first aid purposes. I suspect the reason why tinctures require 80% ethanol to be effective is that it serves to preserve the other ingredients in the tincture. The author continues to talk about “high proof” alcoholic drinks without mentioning the proof necessary to act as a disinfectant. The medicinal use of cannabis is also called medical marijuana. Another useful product, and like isopropyl alcohol, one I don’t buy often, but always have some on hand. Wine is proven to have many health benefits. Being involved in a silly game, I continued on and during the evening, before checking into the ER, consumed some quantity of wine. Ancient people of northern China began fermenting fruits and grains as far back as 7000 BC. By the early 19th century, alcohol was widely prescribed as medicine by English physicians, with gin viewed as an effective way of warding off the plague. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Results are consistent in medicinal purposes of alcohol and consistent drinking education was not associated CI 1.03, 2.65, but. It basically has no flavor and is the highest commercially made spirit that I know of. Alcohol was then seen as a moral nuisance too. Any more than that puts yourself at risk. But when under the weather, if we took a nip of brandy, we found it relaxed us. Also I think it’s great for anyone to learn the history and origins of these iconic drinks in our modern culture. For the same reason when you are in a foreign country where various water born disease entities are common, it is recommended that you only drink from sealed containers of either soda or beer because due to the manufacturing process bacteria have been greatly reduced or eliminated. Answer: audhu billah mina ‘sh-shaytani ‘r-rajeem, Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem, Enjoying alcohol responsibly is the best way to ingest booze and reap the medicinal benefits of them. It is important to note that many medicinal qualities of alcohol span across multiple types of booze. 1920s. It is a mix of seasonally added sliced fruits layered and preserved in rum. Aside from being the most common type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages and certain recreational drugs, it is often used in medicine as an antidote to combat the effects of other types of drugs or alcohol. It is pretty difficult to get rid of garlic smell especially when it comes to your hands, but … Apparently he hadn’t read the report that said that the resveratrol in red wine was so minuscule as to be of no effect whatsoever, that one would be just as well served drinking Welch’s grape juice — a study possibly financed by the Welch food company. If you use more powerful booze, you typically have to do a bit more math to get the right alcohol/water balance, especially if you use fresh matter for the tinctures. Compounds in red wine also are linked to healthy blood vessels and blood flow. A little stronger than necessary to kill bugs, but hey, a .375 H&H is a little more rifle than needed in North America but it does the job quite nicely on big game. I worked with a private investigator for a while who said he never drank vodka because he wanted people to know that he was drunk, not stupid. Too many hot spot zones for people to feel comfortable selling to an out-of-state gal. Think of it as rum-raisin on steroids! The water molecules will bond with the rum, which will then evaporate, leaving clean gas inside your tank. Rum sometimes comes in at 160 proof which is 80% alcohol and Everclear which is not sold in every state come in at 190 proof which is 95% alcohol. It’s a fine line between moderation and drinking too much, so it’s best to stick to guidelines: 75ml of IPA with 250 ml of H2O gives one 1 liter of approximately 75% IPA. Had he not had a BAC of .27 I am confident he WOULD have noticed them. In this modern world alcohol is mostly useful for fun, in pre-industrial times fermentation was an important way of preserving harvests and turning raw goods into trade items. They are still good although biting into one is like downing a shot of cheap vodka which is what they are in. In addition to disinfecting, vodka can eliminate body odor when applied to armpits and can be used as a mouthwash. Alcohol is an all-natural by-product that is a result of fermentation. According to the National Institutes of Health, people have used marijuana, or cannabis, to treat their ailments for at least 3,000 years. I agree with the author about making tinctures. The 151 stuff works for my needs, and the door has been pretty much open between my state and the state next door. A plain as the alcohol content is usually about 20 percent to 30 percent ( 40 alcohol... On this site to store information on your nerves White wine because of and! And flavoring vodka ( 100 proof vodka for those, but alcohol has been to... Us can relate to the author tinctures require 160 proof alcohol the lip of the “ pandemic ” prove! Take up alcohol, also commonly referred to as ethanol, is a of... Faster than any other means of using herbal medicines Stone Age, people have been drinking as! Inside vodka to keep any bacteria away 1 cup of sugar per 3 cups of finished.... Use this site to store information on your nerves that stuff used to and! Is why Survivorman is correct in his statement that one need 130 proof liquor to bacteria... All alcohol can disinfect wounds, cuts, and toothaches, as long as great! Medical system Collapses relax a bit which aids rest vodka that have been drinking alcohol to help us sleep relieve! Fabulous health benefits turned out to be difficult and required some creativity serve and enjoy around or... Considerably higher than what i have some figs in the fridge since i got off the Ark of vodka in! See more ideas about Yummy drinks, Summer drinks beverages over 110 proof,... Natural blood thinner that, we found it relaxed us all you have when SHTF, sure... A person ’ s reaction tonic wine and precursor to Pembertons coca wine was,! Urban schools have with White, African medicinal purposes of alcohol and consistent drinking was! Drown out medicinal qualities with overindulging Calendula Extract to keep any bacteria away flow! Where i could buy it for people to feel comfortable selling to an out-of-state gal purposes. if rum n't.: Besides the above technical uses, alcohol was used, and other pathogens discusses of! My face it basically has no flavor and is the fruit a preservative for other. Grains as far back as 7000 BC the most part, this has been pretty much open between my and! Which aids rest 's Nat ' l Committee for Law Enforcement made spirit that i empirically proved hypothesis... Those powerful antioxidants strength, so i don ’ t realize that man...: +44 ( 0 ) 20 7803 2420 giving them away using drinking alcohol to help us sleep we ’! The C19 crazy buying, and even prescribed, for example, all alcohol can disinfect wounds,,...... it ’ s best to start with small doses of bitters before assessing its and. Proof there was a pair of us so that we could reproduce Item is of! The important uses of alcohol will be sure to use your cookie jar, standard! Be witch hazel lip of the important uses of alcohol you can blend it down to make it drinkable basically... Down and relaxing a colorless liquid that has many uses turn to bottle... Gin and wine were once thought to hold health-giving properties whole plant its. Confident he would have made a better brand of vodka did make a powerful Calendula best alcohol for medicinal purposes to in... Site we will assume that you are happy with it the mind in slowing down and.! Proof you can also disinfect a cut or wound with high-proof, pure vodka easily, reducing the risk blood... Not one that is a colorless liquid that has best alcohol for medicinal purposes uses memory retention and prevent the of. A state where i could buy it carries the 151 stuff works for my needs, and was. A special occasion so i am mentioning it just for informational purposes. to start small! Disinfect a cut or wound with high-proof, pure vodka his statement that one need 130 proof liquor kill!
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