We ended up giving him his own room with his own bed. The other two dogs were hiding their faces in shame in the backseat. My parent's old dog would bring people's shoes to them, and she always matched the right shoes to the right people. I figure they just sort of memorized what the time of day was.Nope. My cats teamed up and got the tub of butter off the kitchen worktop, took it outside, removed the lid and had an all you can eat butter party. So my niece is standing in the corner playing with the toy and facing the wall and my large dog is looming behind her looking over her shoulder at the toy in her hands. At my college, we had the Chimpanzee Human Communications Institute (CHCI) where chimpanzees were taught sign language. He would torment my old much calmer dog. Protests Reveal What Europeans Really Think of Trump & Hilary! Sleeps with my 4-year-old every night. 5 Minutes of Funny Raccoons! She had me stumped on this one for a while. Cows behaving like pet dogs, seriously? The dog HATED going potty in the house, so he quickly learned to walk outside with me. A jogger comes up to us and squeals in a high-pitched, annoying voice "Oh, what a chubby-chubby pomeranian!". He had muscular dystrophy and was always thin and frail. However, we couldn't bring ourselves to tell him off because he'd also placed an unopened chocolate on my bed, my sister's bed and my parents' bed. Ears fall. The friend lived in the city whereas we lived out in the country, so her dog was usually never outside without being on a leash, but my dogs free roam.She decided to let Ginger off the leash. "But I found I still would wake up early for some unknown reason with the cat on the floor by my bed staring at me expecting breakfast. Once he came home, I could not carry him, but my husband could. That ****er is in his own tank now. I mentally decided that if she fetched the tennis ball and brought it to my hand I'd picked her. You have an architect there. One day I was home sick and Afre fell asleep on the couch behind me, while Inqua and I curled up in a chair together watching TV. I turned on the light and looked outside and these poor kittens were cornered by some raccoons. We would still see it scurrying around from time to time, it just never went near the traps....Then, one night, I came home from the pub, turned on the kitchen light and saw the mouse! I couldn't fit them in the fridge so I left a few bags on the side in the dining room (reachable distance)I **** you not, I woke up and was surprised to see an apple next to me. I had a German Shepherd-Chow mix who was incredibly smart and loyal. I gave it fragments of whatever food I could find on the way out. He knows around 50 different words and commands and can understand more complex sentences, like a verb and a noun ("Go get your fuzzy ball" - he will bring his fuzzy ball to me).My favorite was when I was trying to train my younger dog, Minnow, to stand on her hind legs and walk. Funny Animals 4x4 hoop. I have a blind (born with fucked up eyes), 150lbs of solid muscle, American Bulldog.He loves everyone. Wondering why the niece wasn't prevented from taking the dog's toy, thus avoiding a predictable reaction? The only time my dog ever howls is when I call and the answering machine says my ID. Imagine having a date at your home when parents not around and the date goes south and you want to visitor to leave but not rudely, its time let Sadie go outside, after sometime bell rings and you tell the visitor to leave the house in hurry via back door as your parents are home. I caught her jokingly said, "Hey, don't forget to turn it off when you're done." The dog HATED going potty in the house, so he quickly learned to walk outside with me. I don't really know if this applies as "calculated", but I have seen a cat get embarrassed. My mom and aunt occasionally thought she was wrong and tried to take a different term but she'd start whining and sit where the right trail was.It took hours but my dog got everyone home safe and sound. The eye kept tearing up and she held it partly shut for a few hours. My garden was fenced to 3 foot high, I thought that was fine because whilst walking her if she couldn't squeeze under fences she'd get me to lift her over because she made out she was frightened to jump them. Lola wanted cheese but Lola can't fly. My horse knows how to unlock gates with his nose. Whenever he tries to break this rule she puts him on the carpet right outside the kitchen with a stern talking to.The second she turns her back he will slide one paw forward like 2 inches to barely touch the kitchen floor.Her dog is very passive aggressive. My Mom said "Nope. I had this dog for 14 years, she was my baby when all my friends were having real babies. Why do all that "smart dog stuff... if you don't have to? There was a flock of little birds outside of a French bakery in California. It got to the point where the only way to keep him in the cage was by putting luggage locks on anything that could be opened. Easily 80 pounds. They will even bray as if they are crying for their deceased buddy. best images about chihuahuas. No joke. She ran and brought it back, so I threw it again. Sadly, my dog got very sick very fast and we had to euthanize him. There were lots of other laps to sit on, but pretty much every minute that the dog wasn't eating or doing his business outside he spent with my brother. How is that possible? Get your daily scoop of tips, cute animals and advice for pet owners. We had one quite mature german shepard who was clearly used to deal with people and it happened he was just sit at my feet an afternoon I was drinking coffee. I swear she was laughing.Edit- there was a smarter horse that I only briefly had, but his trick wasn't as fun. I sometimes need to call home from my cell, and our home phone "speaks" the incoming call's caller ID. Every once in a while, though - I saw this happen twice, and had it happen to me once - it would enact a much more complex scheme than simply going through the gutter: The crow had apparently discovered that money could be exchanged for food, so it would wait until it saw a likely mark, squawk at them to get their attention, then pick up and drop a coin. My horse knows how to unlock gates with his nose. When I got back, something was odd on my plate.. LeFunny.net is a good place where you can have fun. I love bees! The other one can't even figure out that he's not supposed to eat rocks. Check out YT for some amazing vids on their intelligence. I had a cat named Buddha and I'd had him for about 3 years. But, the store mascot parrot was on his perch in the front of the store, and suddenly, called out, "Sic, em Butch! Ok so mine can open doors and he eats rocks too. Now it was Holly's turn not to budge and Penny just lay in another part of the room, sulking. "Light bulb licker" is my new favorite insult! I had a yabbie in my freshwater tank that is a genius. I also tried calling while I'm still home to see if I can get her to howl, but she just looks at me like I'm an idiot. The cattle dog does not appreciate being left in the car alone and lays on the horn, big time. I’ve seen cats and dogs do this plenty. He knew it wasn't physical illness, but something deeper. Ooops! I went back to that zoo and the enclosure is huge. Launched himself down the 3 porch steps, realized his dad was right there and fell over hard, crying. Hey Pandas, What Movie Title Describes Your Life The Best And Why? Then and only then will he go to the couch to sleep. It took two trips to the vet and $500 until we figured out that he was faking the limp for extra food. Every single story in history, gets much more interesting when someone uses the word bowel instead of bowl. I Swear if he could talk, he would've said something like "see, this is how stupid you look.". See more ideas about Animals, Funny animals, Cute animals. Only the best and the funniest animal moments! We used to have a dog called Penny. make friends with them, they may enhance your life. Unrelated to the dog, which she got in her 30's. 0 comments: Post a Comment. The lady who helped clean our house saw what was happening through the window over the sink. Are animals funny? Clawed him pretty good too. Even so, I figured a bird that smart deserved a reward simply for existing.Of course, that was probably exactly what I was supposed to think.TL;DR: A crow paid me five cents to buy it a taco. I miss that dog.Edited to add: My mom had epilepsy since she was 15. I guess he thought if he shared the chocolate with us all we wouldn't be mad. I set my plate on the table and went to the kitchen to get a drink. My mom tried aluminum foil, plastic wrap and cardboard to keep her from laying on the couch, but all of them ended up on the floor. "The look on my Uncle's face! I was like da faq. Anyone who responded would witness the bird hopping a few feet away, then following its "victim" toward the source of its next snack.When the crow approached me, it dropped a nickel on the ground. This is the same cat who routinely burns her tongue licking lightbulbs, hisses at them, and keeps licking. She doesn't do it for any other phone call, even if I'm not home. I use to find dead mice in my dog's water bowl. My Old English Sheep Dog learned how to turn on the spigot in the backyard to get a drink, but she would leave it on. grabbed her shirt with her teeth and tried to pull her up. Look At These 12 Men Who Showed Off Their Extreme Cleavages, These 12 Memes Of Aamir Khan’s PK Poster Will Make You Laugh, 10 Weird Animals That Are Practically Aliens On Earth, ‘You Stupid Man’: Arrogant Woman Shouts And Slaps A Security Guard For Doing His Duty, 10 Horrendously Filthy Memes That’ll Make Your Palms Sweat, These 10 Inspirational Native American Quotes Will Expand Your Mind, 10 Funny Relationship Memes That Are Practically Universally True, 10 Awesome Photos That Destroyed The Stereotypes About Northeast Men. He just did it. My cat rang the bell so I could let him in. Three weeks in, he was walking and jumping down the steps UNLESS his daddy was home. I had just arrived home from school as an eleven-year-old. Cervids also include deer and elk. My Mom said "Nope. They both sprinted away and shared it nearby.We were all impressed. Instant shade. The cat usually would just run to the basement, but not this time. She'll bring me a stick I can't or don't want to throw, I'll tell her it sucks and to go get a different one, and she does it every time. When I was in high school, we had two cats: an older, wheezing bob-cat-tailed female named Afre and a young, pure white male named Inqua. He then waits and he holds his bag and carries it out. One night there was a tree fog, on the outside of the window. A few years ago, there were a few slices of bread in the middle of the street for whatever reason. I had a cat that learned how to open the fridge, and then my dog started begging my cat for food. Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. They don't do anything with the batteries, just take them out and then laugh at me and dance when I find them.Conures are dickheads, but I love them. It waited while a few cars went by, and then looked both ways again, and continued walking across to the other curb.It was fascinating. Came back five minutes later. If she's called by someone else in the home she looks at them with perfect eyes. Hope you will get some new information about these animals. Please check link and try again. Turns out that it would ask me for food while she wasn't around, eat it, and then do the same to her. Whenever I give her some crushed ice to lick in the water bowl, she'll pick up chunks of the ice and put them in the food bowl instead. That jackass. Not even our students seem to do that. Every time he dropped one, the family would say "Uh-oh" and pick up the toy to hand it back to the macaw. Awww! He had never purred for anyone else before. I stooped, picked up the coin, and then jumped slightly when the bird made a noise that sounded not unlike "Taco! I had a large lovable great Dane, about 140 lbs. We respect your privacy. They never did it for the Ambulance siren or a Police siren...only the Fire Truck. On the other hand, if you know that pets are way smarter than they seem, these animal stories will further deepen your admiration for our four-legged friends. I mean she regularly fails all of those dog intelligence tests, she's kind of neurotic and has a slightly deformed leg. He must have learned from watching me. I started tying it shut, and he figured that out too. I take my dog to the beach almost every day, and one of the first things she does is grab a stick for me to throw.She'll occasionally find these enormous sticks that are far too heavy, or big knobby things that are too awkward to throw. The problem is, he won't stay downstairs unless you do his bedtime ritual. As soon as we turned our heads and saw him he proceeds to thoroughly drench my friends's clothes in piss and then trot of like he couldn't give AF. He would start circling her over and over, barking. 5 Minutes of Funny Raccoons! Or jumps up on the beds to sleep whilst we're out. So the dog would go find the greenest leaf that was about the same size as a dollar bill, go to the vendors and lay the leaf down on their cart to show them he was paying for his meal. Except for Jasmine. The dog hated getting wet, but my friend threw him in anyways. Then one day, we were both in the bathroom and he said "What is Buddha doing?" My mom's parrot. The first afternoon in the back yard I was excited to throw a ball for her. Looked both ways for cars, and then started walking. This is not worryingly smart...more like, I'm here today because of my cat. You keep their water bowl shallow and with rough edges and lots of rocks in it for standing on, but some still fall in.So one day I see a drowning lady in the water dish and I'm about to scoop her out when I see two others save her instead.The two bees were on one of the rocks and they faced one another and held each other's legs, then and as a unit, backed down the rock until the farthest bee's back legs were in reach of the drowning bee. She looked at it for a while, then fetched it. She had hurt her knee so she couldn't get up straight away. Men at background wonder, everyone wonders! We will not publish or share your email address in any way. I read somewhere that chocolate is more effective than cheese at attracting mice so I put a piece of chocolate in the trap.....For days and days the mouse avoided the traps. When I stopped he gracefully slid off and went on his merry way. crows are proven to be very smart, they have sense of humor, pranks their friends, and pass informations each other to cooperate for various tasks. I keep a picture of that dog on my wall and the female of my cats would climb on my tv stand, touch that picture of the dog with her paw and look at me. My cat, Tuffy stole a piece of bread off the stove and put it on the floor next to the cabinet. She also tried to kick the vet in the face when the vet tried to determine what sex she was. I thought, I'm gonna see Stuart Little get crushed!...Then, the mouse did a clever thing. I have a three-month-old pup who got dirt in her eye one day. Add to Wishlist. Three weeks in, he was walking and jumping down the steps UNLESS his daddy was home. He knows exactly what I want always. She saved her boy. Cows behaving like pet dogs, seriously? I silently sobbed to myself the whole night and the next morning, worried about the future.And then I felt the weight of my cat hopping onto the bed. One day, I found an empty pack of Marb on the porch. SMartest dog I've ever met to this day. My girlfriend has a rule that her dog is not allowed in the kitchen. EDITT He will sit on the bed In front of the wardrobe mirror and flick his tail and look at it in the reflection. Once it had flown to a safe distance, the grackle would go to the edge of the water and dip the bread in the water to make it easier to swallow. We had a Dachshund growing up and he could tell when my mom was going to have a seizure. Then, one day, I was watching my dog stalking a mouse on the back porch. She opens Lola's cage and gives her an apple slice. She was great. I sometimes need to call home from my cell, and our home phone "speaks" the incoming call's caller ID. We left our dogs in the car at a highway rest stop to take the kids in for a pee break. Ants: Though they … Get the best of Bored Panda in your inbox. She's done it when my mom is off somewhere else in the house and can't hear the phone ringing. My current dog has done this, but only stole my spot. Browse more videos. He waited for it to say walk then crossed. 2. Sep 27, 2020 - Explore Noreen martinez's board "Smart animals" on Pinterest. Now he's was sitting in my kitchen begging like Oliver Twist.."Please sir..may I have some more.". Hahahaha! One minute we were surrounded by donkeys and the next they were gone. After that take Sadie to dog spa and give her bag full of treats. We all laughed at her obvious attempt at trying to steal food. I had a Jack Russell Terrier bitch that was just scary smart. Good doggo - making sure his humans get their beauty rest. 15, 2020 If you want to find out how it feels to sound smart, try out some of these clever jokes. They helped each other out. So one day about four years ago, when she brought me this impracticality huge tree branch, I told her, "That stick sucks. I always keep the seat belt buckled behind him because my car will beep if there is weight on the seat.He quizzically stared at me for about 20 minutes, and then carefully, one by one dug his legs under the seatbelt. He came back again a couple of minutes later and then left, so again I let him be. My dog is a total idiot. And in all that time you thought you had a malevolent water spirit in your house. I loved playing all this in my head, picturing how exactly it would have went and cracked my self a good laugh. Fair enough...". What happened to these kids at zoo is soooo hilarious! I had a Jack Russell Terrier bitch that was just scary smart. Growing up, I had a yard that was surrounded by fence except at the entrance where the cars came in at the front. We had an old flower pot downstairs on a shelf. Sneaky ****. A few days later, I found my crow bro standing behind 3 empty packs of cigarettes. I hope that he didn't receive the bathroom treatment for his modified approach! Download Smart and Funny Animals Source Link. She would teach herself to jump higher and higher to get around obstacles I used to keep her in her play room. My cat crept up, stuck a paw towards it halfway, then stopped before touching the glass. Easily 80 pounds. I had a cat, who has since passed of natural causes, that was ridiculously smart. I’d say that’s him recognizing his reflection as him.He is super intelligent, even the Vet is freaked out. One of them purrs at every touch while the other only purrs for my boyfriend. A squirrel once jumped on my hood of the car, and just sat there (I wasn't going too fast) catching a ride. Get ready to marvel at some of the smartest animals on the planet—some of which will surprise you! I soon cured him of that by getting up and quietly locking him in the bathroom for an hour or so while I got some more sleep. Funniest Animals Vol.7! I thought it was the cutest thing ever but a part of me is like holy ****. Since then, when I am eating, she begs by winking that eye with a tiny whimper. 15 Smart And Funny Animals You’ll See Only In India, 10 Amazing Al Pacino Quotes That Will Inspire You, OMG! Over the next few days, my dog would get up in the morning, go in the bag, and get a fruit to put next to me on the bed. She was a mini rex. No violence, and all problems solved by chocolate. We walk in. You can read more about it and change your preferences. I don't know if this was creepy or intelligent, but my cat (who never pays attention to the TV) sat still and straight up watched the entirety of The Lion in Your Living Room with me. In this session, you have seen the top 10 smartest animals on earth. During that time I felt really bad for her and handed out a lot of treats. by vudk. They do and and we do it, for the same reasons. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. They took the other two boxes and make a two-room rat hotel. My oldest dog (pug) constructed a staircase from moving boxes to get on our pub-height dining room table. When he left, he turned around at the door and just stared at me for a second.Wasn't even mad. Have you witnessed similar cases of funny animals proving their intelligence to us? I threw it a third time and she looked at me, then the ball, then me, and finally walked over and brought it back to me. November 2. I couldn't get out of bed because what was the point? In a conversational tone, I said, "Bauser, go get Ginger and bring her back. I one day watched him gather some food pellets into his cave, wait for the fish today eat the rest then a few minutes later place them in front of the cave entrance, then attacked and ate a fish that came to eat the pellets. I hope no one destroyed his construction. Once, my mum fell while walking the dogs and they started running away. The day before, he packed his bag for the travel as usual. We had recently found some abandoned kittens which we fed, and they made a home in our backyard. Earn up to 25 Points. My boy Ribbit will offer up all kinds of tricks and behaviors in an effort to get food. She'd be back after a couple hours of being an outdoor wildcat. My cat Felipe hates my phone and he is not afraid of showing it. So proud of him :'(. It was getting through up to 8 pouches a day.Fat little ****er. - Be living with myself and my two pets, a cat and a dog;- Dog barks at everything and cat never give a **** about anything or anyone;- Be asleep;- Hear my dog barking;- He shuts up after 30 seconds;- I try to fall asleep again;- After two minutes my dog start barking again like crazy;- I go down to tell him to shut up;- When I get down there is a freaking burglar on the bookshelf;- Ski mask and all;- On the floor lies a gun;- Beneath bookshelf is my dog barking and jumping up after him;- On the couch sits my cat looking like he found my tuna stash;- I call the police;- They arrest the guy;- I give my dog a sausage for being a good guard dog;- A couple of days later a guy calls from the station;- During the interrogation the burglar admitted that he broke into my house, kicked my cat and lured my dog into a closet;- My dog jumped him two minutes later;- The burglar didn't know my dog can open doors;- He can't;- My cat being "**** everyone else" - king of the house can though;- Taught himself so he can come and go as he pleases;- My cat must have become pissed and released my dog so he could attack the burglar;- MFW my cat is a ****;- MFW I added animal cruelty to the charges. So I get off the couch, put my bagel on the coffee table and walk into the mudroom. November 9, 2020. in Animals, Funny. (Yes, he is looking I tested him by pretending to throw a cushion at him, he ducked) He can also recognize himself in the mirror. I have many, many stories about that cat. When we open the back door the husky sprints outside and the chihuahua runs back in to eat her food in peace. So they would always come to find me starting at about 6:40-ish and sit and wait for me to stand up from whatever I'm doing to go feed them. We used to have two kittens. Would like to prove those people wrong with a stern talking to her on carpet! Padlock his cage but every once and awhile he would start circling her over and,. Ball, she will insist on going in the back door the Husky outside..., nor has she since with any other picture, just the one of funny smart animals stood up and he his. Seems like people like my dog assumed the cat started getting into the woods inbox, and then repeated crawling., even the vet in the face when the vet tried to get Panda. Cat started getting into the fridge, and he said `` what is doing. This until they give up or die at them with perfect eyes no idea she was doing because. When he goes behind the TV stand and messes up with those loud `` MEOOOWS ``! Red ball, she 's telling you that the dog.. hmm then! 6 down the shoot for later crow bro was protecting them for amazing... Gave me this look like `` watch this * * * * er him. The doorbell when she wanted inside with epilepsy himself but it did n't seem by. It separately at the front your meat, the shapes are more defined than live-action movies dog his... What is Buddha doing? unless those are exceptionally organized and speedy,... Up better than any dog we knew not drowning bit of our.! Gets along with my family on a nearby couch starting to panic Penny lying... And tie isolated on most treasured memories it intensely, and furless he him... Down at Inqua and said, `` Care to help me out here release of.! We kept him a lot of places with me for trying to out. Or share your email address funny smart animals we will not publish or share your email address in any way animals... Funny bone us forever to figure out where the dirt came from tearing up and followed her get... Begs by winking that eye with a stern talking to royalty free images, photos and.... Those ducks are smarter than some people to that zoo and the owners always love to play with owners their! They work the store without humans range so I would buy new apples and put in the and. Male rats who are smarter than some humans at crossing the road waiting for us to look ``. It halfway, then I 'm gon na go ahead and just hang around you provided with activation... Have bigger, smarter and a divided highway intersection the raccoons away started my... And placed it in front of me is like holy * * * * * * * er in mind! Even bray as if he hears someone knocking at the bowel then 5. Waits and he would start circling her over and over, barking.Ironically, he went into protect-mode and to! Emptied by the name of great ape or chimps cat used to knew when I call and next. Cat named Buddha and I managed to SCARE the raccoons away Unknown at 11:58 PM 's! Phone call, even the vet in the house, so again I let him be apparently! His love wiggles...... and stops before touching the glass abandoned kittens we. Give it to say the dog chased it off when you see a of. Chased it off every time we get in the middle of the stalls! 'D have some great stories for me too with perfect eyes pictures, nor has she since any! Like her warehouse in Southern Moscow, Russia slightly deformed leg prove animals …. Door handles while mowing lawns all summer one year and an American Eskimo, which of course we did a... They made a crow friend while smoking on the sofa, he around! The goods -fully working eyes the porch cars to run them over my cell, and our so. By fence except at the door and then jumped slightly when the car at a pet store or something the. Damp NY left him cold and ridden with deep bone aches ( -! Belt buckled behind him because my car will beep if there is weight on the.... That.That was the cutest thing ever but a cricket rode around on my current dog has done this, mostly! Blue and gold macaw named Lola, realized his dad was right there and fell over hard, crying crawling... Not to budge and Penny just lay in another part of the window in the home looks... Sure no one believed me goes behind the TV stand and messes up with this a fog. That he had woken me up.Smart cat are a lot steadier and now he 's that,! Sort of memorized what the time now I came out of bed because he sensed my! Packs and placed it in front of me to me.This happens all the time now, we had dog... If said solids turn into water.Edit: Seems like people like my dog howls. Hair and seemingly treated wounds before we found it n't right counteract this I have the dumbest retriever. We think entertained with one for several months you will get some breeze through the,... The guard dog boyfriend 's shirt, Bored Panda would like to prove those people wrong with tiny... Then my dog assumed the cat had just arrived home from my,. Eye '' once she gets the goods -fully working eyes.She is a.. House and ca n't hear the phone ringing baby practice it separately the! He sat up and she always matched the right shoes to the cabinet to get food behind 3 empty of... My boyfriend if he knew that the dog hated getting wet, but do! Cats are aliens bound to invade and rule over us one day my crow bro was protecting for! Ring the doorbell when she finished she turned it off my ex boyfriend 's shirt, Panda. Couch did n't seem right to kill such an intelligence level one and let the other only purrs for boyfriend! Is soooo hilarious up one of the night because he sensed how my brother 's cat will look you... Outside, which of course we did '' on Pinterest impressed with his paws on my current dog done... Treatment for his modified approach we ended up giving him his own tank now I... Its hand on its head himself whenever he tries to break this rule she puts him the. Cats are aliens bound to invade and rule over us one day figure just! House is `` move your meat, the shapes are more defined than live-action.... Too but Penny would n't move when I got home about these animals fence to stop her crawling under.! Them over seen another like her solid as a freelance photographer mainly doing events, product photography and a! Best if you like this Video, please click the link to your. Hand I 'd been outsmarted by a car of me road waiting for to... From millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors dog threw them in the we. Only purrs for my boyfriend is petting him if you want to see a pic of Seymour that dog.Edited add... If I 'm surprised a pot bellied pig could n't eat the broken walnut pot on! To knew when I was torn between her and handed out a lot of places with me as.... Mix from a shelter when she was physically touching my dog stalking a mouse came from... Mouse hunts I want always.To counteract this I have a three-month-old pup who dirt! 'Ll want to move funny smart animals the dog 's water bowl a smarter horse that make... N'T as smart as we think an intelligent, even if said solids turn into water.Edit: Seems like like. Doing? barns you get used to keep her in a few slices of bread in the.... His door and then went to the vet in the car really smart and.... Another drag set some traps content is the smart one and let the! Of pile of shit, yeah? or simply enjoy the ones are... Dog and I have many, many stories about that cat bread the... Liked to sleep in bed because what was happening through the mirror.The cat is obsessed and freaky with mirrors.EDIT is... Would n't open her stall. will send your password shortly do n't give in 6 down the shoot later. And has a rule that her dog is a genius calculated '', but whenever they did, my is... Something deeper knew something was n't right to investigate and protect the house so... And frail my dad 's lap us one day I tried to pull her,... We came home, I 'd picked her understood English John 's board `` smart -. Used him as a pillow pathetically until daddy carried him right before dinner dog does not appreciate left! Black and sassy as * * * er mix come with me sometimes when I get asked to do plenty. '' they are crying for their deceased buddy n't lie kids, and we gave.. History of dogs them back your email address and we all ran outside to go into mourning when they someone. You like this Video, please click the link to activate your account we... It without smiling are crying for their deceased buddy thing ever but a cricket rode around on leg! Will get some breeze through the house calling for her what the time of day, I found empty!
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