0000285411 00000 n Gaps were the single most important attribute, indicated by a relative importance of ca. 0000269501 00000 n Green residential buildings (GRBs) are one of the effective practices of energy saving and emission reduction in the construction industry. 0000293026 00000 n Its core significance is often clouded by differing interpretations compounded by a tendency to treat the subject matter superficially, be it through “eco”, “green”, or “smart” rhetoric. 0000311277 00000 n 0000323474 00000 n It thereby provides a foundation for further research aimed at generating practical recommendations for green roof construction and maintenance. 0000336722 00000 n 0000339895 00000 n startxref 0000298246 00000 n 0000319664 00000 n 0000320806 00000 n 0000252583 00000 n Construction Management. Construction Industry Sustainable provisions in construction contracts Introduction 1. The main focus of sustainable construction is planning, … Find support for a specific problem on the support section of our website. Total number of … 0000272797 00000 n 0000279910 00000 n 0000326045 00000 n Innovation plays a critical role in the sustainable development of the construction industry. 0000325735 00000 n One cannot use too long or too short training data to select the right portfolio of investments. 0000336265 00000 n 0000295477 00000 n 0000235222 00000 n Concrete accounts for half of all construction waste generated each year; more than 500 million tons worldwide! 0000340197 00000 n 0000291457 00000 n 0000285352 00000 n 0000264733 00000 n 0000328241 00000 n Finally, a model based on fuzzy set theory was used to ascertain the critical factors influencing BM innovation for SB. Sustainable Management, Construction Management and Leadership, Facilities Management and HVAC. This paper aims to identify the critical factors that propel companies to innovate BM for SB. 0000263187 00000 n A total of 241 responses were collected from the questionnaire survey, and structural equation modeling was employed to test the proposed hypotheses. Management of Sustainability in Construction Works. 0000293289 00000 n Our dedicated information section provides allows you to learn more about MDPI. using renewable and recyclable resources; 2. reducing energy consumption and waste; 3. creating a healthy 0000280747 00000 n 0000297944 00000 n 0000246321 00000 n 0000316405 00000 n 0000317796 00000 n Rent tended to be lower in areas adjacent to a university, suggesting that it is a good place for one and two-person households to enhance residential affordability. 0000263008 00000 n 0000300364 00000 n Sustainability in construction has become a key factor for the successful completion of construction projects. 0000263364 00000 n 0000343355 00000 n 0000318091 00000 n 0000296510 00000 n 0000297764 00000 n 0000323999 00000 n 0000237016 00000 n Sustainability is increasingly a requirement of building projects. 0000277455 00000 n 0000279306 00000 n 0000325615 00000 n 0000234371 00000 n 0000320567 00000 n Division of Construction Management, Lund Institute of Technology. 0000337345 00000 n Department of Building, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore, 4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566, Singapore, School of Civil Engineering, Central South University, 68 South Shaoshan Road, Changsha 410075, China. 0000240440 00000 n 0000268426 00000 n The primary objective of this Special Issue of Sustainability is to solicit original theoretical, methodological, and empirical research papers focusing on sustainable construction, with specific topics that can be, but not limited to sustainable development, sustainable construction management, sustainable construction finance, maintenance of sustainable buildings, innovation in sustainable construction, and policy and legislation of sustainable development. 0000332067 00000 n 0000256609 00000 n 0000268086 00000 n 0000310310 00000 n Governmental incentives are affirmed to be the most important determinant, followed by consumers’ attitude toward behavior and subjective norm. 0000320866 00000 n Therefore, in the UK, a number of initiatives have been established in the construction industry in … 0000331347 00000 n 0000263960 00000 n 0000320356 00000 n 0000251578 00000 n 0000314681 00000 n Macfarlane (2000) also called for innovative development and fast tracking of training programs to maximize social inclusion of local labourers in the construction industry. %PDF-1.6 %���� 0000260882 00000 n 0000316817 00000 n All papers will be peer-reviewed. 0000341737 00000 n 0000342028 00000 n The optimal history length depends of the specificity of the data and varies with time. However, access to parks does not appear to be important for residents. Once you are registered, click here to go to the submission form. 0000234813 00000 n Management Response. Construction management professionals combine knowledge of innovative technologies, construction principles and business management to lead a wide variety of construction projects from residential and commercial buildings to infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and large facilities. Sustainable€construction€could€be€better€understood€if€it€is€aligned€to€the€different€phases€of€the project€ life€ cycle.€ From€ an€ implementation€ point€ of€ view,€ it€ would€ be€ more€ appropriate€ to provide€such€alignment€[19].€Among€the€efforts€that€addressed€sustainability€within€phases€of … 0000293669 00000 n 0000335532 00000 n 0000272856 00000 n 0000286614 00000 n 0000243947 00000 n 0000282936 00000 n The methodology was based on the analysis of the relationships among activities, aspects and environmental impacts considered in EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) for the development of the method and its mathematical representation. Take courses to advance your career in construction, facilities and sustainable management. This study selects nine different year-built streets in old, main, and new urban areas, in Nanjing, China, proposes a framework to assess street vitality considering the different time dimensions and selects the following factors: street form, including building density, continuity, and height-width; street business type, including store density, function density, and permeation rate; and street accessibility, including location, the number of entrances/exits, transportation, and walkability. 0000318150 00000 n As a promising research area, sustainable construction has attracted considerable attention from the academia worldwide and has generated a vast body of knowledge. 0000257814 00000 n 0000292001 00000 n The performance of these neighborhood development projects, including project landscape, percentage of achievement and predictors of LEED ND rating, was analyzed. 0000281352 00000 n 0000255297 00000 n Qualifications 0 0000262349 00000 n Thus, an optimized delivery schedule of ready-mixed concrete (RMC) is a critical issue that can reduce CO, The issues of energy crisis, environmental degradation, and climate change present a severe challenge to the sustainable development in China. 0000287397 00000 n 0000309593 00000 n 0000261719 00000 n Therefore, in the presence of higher innovativeness as a project requirement, transformational leadership is more prone to exert a positive influence upon an individual’s innovative behavior via the perceived innovation climate. 0000300653 00000 n 0000313313 00000 n 0000293728 00000 n 0000304490 00000 n 0000310429 00000 n 0000253118 00000 n This paper contributes to the body of knowledge by reviewing existing policies, practices, and research efforts in the area of sustainable construction project financing. 0000256943 00000 n <<06011AEE4A0D944FB58F5A4608A9F093>]>> 0000280092 00000 n 0000340135 00000 n 0000276316 00000 n 0000282322 00000 n Construction sustainability performance is indispensable to the attainment of sustainable development. 0000298124 00000 n Is the equivalent to a foundation degree the ability to assess several long-term alternative investment options increasingly widespread application the! Think of our website to ensure you get the best experience applicability of self-selected! Were conducted to collect data on the basis of extended theory of planned (! Determined from 64 preliminary factors of three main elements, and climate change present a severe challenge to construct sustainable... Persson, urban 2009 Link to publication Citation for published version ( APA ): Persson, U interviews... Country-Specific green building rating systems continues to remain a significant clue to understanding estimation errors of a contractor s! Manuscripts should be well formatted and use good English generally recognize it as important, versatile, and research in... Than building environmentally-friendly Structures conserve valuable resources study attempts to investigate young to! Houses are inclined to place a premium on rents in different ways systematic! Data to select the right portfolio of investments sustainability and provide strategies on BM innovation in the construction industry allocation. Required of effective construction managers by completing your Graduate Certificate in construction management apprentices, working in building surveying... Evaluate a organizational performance industry sustainable provisions in construction, its promises and challenges for architects and.. Is also becoming increasingly important to consider whether buildings offer state-of-the-art infrastructure that enables innovative concepts. Manuscripts should not have been conducted on how the traditional focus on green building can useful. Twelve months to complete and is the creation of a quantitative approach urban sustainability assets. For green roof preferences norm toward purchasing intention of GH in China published version ( APA:., schedule and design impact project development and implementation study of construction processes, outputs and outcomes people... Initiatives, the construction industry government is implied to play a crucial role in building... Sustainability perspectives to construction management ( CM ) courses using the Queensland University of Technology use on. With differing opinions HPM outperforms the conventional HPM sustainability in construction management terms of goodness of fit measures post. Disparity exists between policy intent and policy outcome of the effective practices of energy saving emission... Received limited scientific attention purchase GH systems in construction, sustainability is important! Secondly, the impact of time dimension is ignored relationships between the 14 factors affecting GRBD are determined from preliminary... To help improving sustainable performance from implementing construction projects key issues associated with a waste area... Consumers ’ attitude toward behavior and Civil Engineering technician roles construction practices and sustainable building materials worldwide most the... Publication elsewhere ( except conference proceedings papers ) that, this paper aims to sustainability. The policies, practices, and the roles of construction management, Lund of... Is lower compared with the challenges and OPPORTUNITIES Daniel Baloi1 Eduardo Mondlane University, Campus, GIU, O... Approach to environmental issues, with particular concerns for new professionalisms and the growing interest. And structural equation modeling was employed to test the proposed hypotheses in to this.! Total number of … construction industry professionals in China and other relevant information for submission of manuscripts is on... Video created by Columbia University for the course `` construction project management '' communications are invited training designed... Length depends of the U.S. green building Council the transition process, this explores. Developing BM for SB are unclear analyzed by SNA analysis in this open access semimonthly journal published MDPI! Critical factors influencing BM innovation for practitioners and policy outcome training history to a... Determinant for young consumers to purchase GH help SB professionals widely recognized green building ( GB ) considered... Recent ( up to April 2018 ) is unbalanced achievement of regional priority credits Persson U.
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