We are an investment bank in Malaysia that performs a variety of premier advisory services specialising in large and complex financial transactions. Our team of professionals includes investment bankers, corporate finance specialists and financial analysts with experience helping organizations in a wide range of industries.


MIDF offers you access to a dynamic suite of solutions, backed by expertise that helps you navigate emerging opportunities, like our mergers & acquisition team that provides an integrated approach to help prepare your company for its next phase of growth.


We target markets that rank highly in key metrics to real estate-related investment offerings that we believe have the greatest potential to impact to your business.


When you are ready and want to go public, we will find you the right match with a path and process to access the right kind of capital. We provide access to information and proprietary analytics with fundamental analysis before an offering.

Debt Capital Markets

We provide customised solutions to our clients’ long term capital requirements whilst balancing immediate capital needs and optimising cost efficiency. We put our clients first. Through the marriage of our execution skills and expertise in debt capital markets, we work with you through each phase of the process, helping you achieve your financing and business objectives.

Corporate Finance

Every decision made in a business has financial implications, and any decision that involves the use of money is a corporate financial decision. We are dedicated to help companies and stockholders make plans to enhance their value and meet corporate finance objectives. Our team of professionals includes investment bankers, corporate finance specialists and financial analysts with experience helping organizations in a wide range of industries.

Our Treasury team comprises the Islamic and Conventional Units, and each Unit has dedicated and specialised personnel covering funding and fixed income. Treasury activities encompass balance sheet & capital management, interest /profit rate management, and funding & liquidity management.

The Treasury team offers both Islamic and conventional deposit products to cater for the corporate and institutional depositors/investors. We are also active in the trading and investment of both money market as well as capital market instruments.

We serve a wide range of clients, including mutual funds, takaful/insurance companies, pension funds, corporations, government agencies and domestic interbank parties, with the aim to provide the best solutions for each of our client’s unique needs.

Contact Us:

Conventional Treasury
Funding Unit : 03-2173 8021
Bonds Unit : 03-2173 8041
Fax No : 03-2173 8288

Islamic Treasury
Funding & Bonds Units : 03-2173 8001
Fax No : 03-2173 8330

Our Equity Markets team offers a broad range of services to cater for the needs and requirements of our clients, which include government and government-related entities, fund managers, insurance and takaful companies, pension funds, corporate clients and individual investors.

Share Trading (Conventional Trading and Islamic Trading (Window Services))

For the execution of your trades, safe custody of your holdings and your un-invested cash, there's simply no reason why you should settle for second best.

Click here for the Terms and Conditions (Conventional)

Click here for the Terms and Conditions (Islamic)

Share Margin Financing

We advise on Margin loans for dedicated investors and actively monitor and manage their investments and provide credit facilities to clients for investment opportunities on Bursa Malaysia.

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Underwriting of Stocks & Shares

Our clients rely on us as a leading in investment banking. Our advisory and underwriting services are recognized as among the best in the industry.

Share Placements

Our team is uniquely positioned in share placements to leverage the bank’s resources and to match our clients’ financing objectives with high-quality financial and strategic investors.

Custody and Nominees Services

We provide Custody and Nominees Services to all our clients under the following three (3) main categories of nominess accounts:
    • Collateralised Trading Accounts
    • Share Margin Trading Accounts
    • Custodian Accounts

For a minimal fee, we manage all corporate action activities on behalf of our clients, which includes the processing of entitlements for Dividends, Bonus Issues and Right Issues, together with other corporate exercises. Monthly statements will be sent out to our clients, wherein the number of shares credited under their respective nominees accounts will tally with the records as maintained under Bursa Depository.

Authorised Depository Agent

We are an Authorised Depository Agent (ADA) appointed by the Bursa Malaysian Depository Sdn Bhd. (Bursa Depository) and we are able to assist in opening depository accounts to facilitate securities trading, settlement and safekeeping.


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