Amanah Butler Malaysia Sdn Bhd is an associate company of Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad (“MIDF”). Established in 1974, it is a money broking company governed by Bank Negara Malaysia of which the two major shareholders are MIDF and ICAP Group. ICAP is listed on the London Stock Exchange and comprises the largest integrated money and securities broking group in the world with offices in all major financial centres such as London and New York.

Amanah Butler’s principal activity is to act as an intermediary in the broad range of financial products for all licensed financial institutions in the Kuala Lumpur money market.
Products & Services
Local Money Market Deposits & Instruments

Placing and sourcing of MYR-denominated deposits for all Licensed Financial Institutions in the Kuala Lumpur Inter-bank Market and Islamic Deposits (Al-Mudharabah), BAs and NIDs.

Fixed Income Products
  • Malaysian Government Securities (MGS)
  • Government Investment Issues (GII)
  • Cagamas Bonds/Notes
  • Treasury Bills (MTB)
  • Bank Negara Bills (BNMN)
  • Corporate Bond


Spot & Forward Foreign Exchange

Buying and selling of currencies for spot and forward delivery and minute-to-minute pricing updates on all major currency pairs.

Financial Derivatives

Interest Rate Swap, Currency Swap and Currency Options.


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