What is MIDF Group’s Policy on Whistleblowing?

MIDF Group provides an avenue for all its employees as well as the members of the public to channel and raise their serious concerns regarding any malpractice or unlawful activity which exists within the organisation so that it can be dealt with appropriately in order to protect MIDF Group’s business and reputation. 


How confidentiality of information disclosed be protected and would there be protection for me as a whistle-blower? 

All information disclosed in relation to improper conduct, including any information on the nature of the improper conduct, the identity of the person perpetuating the improper conduct and the identity of the whistle-blower (including his occupation, residential address, work address, or his whereabouts) will be deemed confidential and dealt with in a confidential manner. Disclosures received under anonymity will not be entertained to prevent invalid malicious reporting, poison letters, exploitation and victimization.

A whistle-blower will be accorded with protection under the Whistleblowing Policy provided that the disclosure is made in good faith.  


How do I whistle-blow? 

You can whistle-blow to us using any of the following reporting channels:

Any disclosure made to us should contain the following information:

  • Details of the person(s) involved;
  • Details of the allegation
    • Nature of the allegation;
    • Where and when the alleged misconduct/wrongdoing took place;
  • Other relevant information; and
  • Any supporting evidence if available.