Sheidheda's death allows Octavia to talk both Wonkru and the Disciples down from war. Neither Octavia nor any of Clarke's other friends ever revealed that Clarke only had the Flame for a short period of time and has long-since removed it. In the fifth season, six years after Praimfaya he takes the fall for Abby's crime and proceeds to fight in gladiator battles but refuses once Octavia shows signs of being a dictator. Becca Franko: Becca was a brilliant scientist who created the two AI's A.L.I.E. The two become friends and Clarke begins to look after her. Portrayed by Eli Goree, Wells Jaha (season 1; guest season 2)[2] was Clarke's childhood best friend and the son of Thelonious Jaha, who was the Ark's Chancellor at the start of the series. She was a member of the Council led by Chancellor Jaha on the Ark before being stripped of her title, though she regained this position shortly afterward. She tells him that she'll love him even if they die today. Carlo Marks as Cillian (season 6): A Sanctum doctor who is secretly a spy for the Children of Gabriel. He eventually betrays his mother and Pike in "Stealing Fire" by helping Kane, Octavia, Harper, Miller, and Sinclair escape by feeding members of the Ark Guard faulty intel and distracting them. After walking for a short while, a Grounder appears on horseback and aims a rocket launcher at the group. After learning that Clarke Griffin was the host of the once again resurrected Josephine, Gabriel worked with Octavia and Bellamy to save their friend and was reunited with Josephine for the first time in decades. In the seventh season, Echo works with Hope and Gabriel Santiago to rescue Octavia and Bellamy who has been kidnapped by the mysterious Disciples. In the third season, he is taken over by A.L.I.E. After returning with Gabriel to rescue the people trapped with the Adjusters, Murphy claims that "his" resurrection went wrong, causing memory problems as his reason for not remembering Zev. However, she is thwarted from burning down the tavern by Octavia though Tory still dies in the process. This convinces the Judge that humanity is worthy the human race Transcends, achieving the Disciples goal. He's also Octavia's half brother. After being released from the bunker, Murphy is distrustful of Jaha and refuses to join him on the approaching boat. and the nuclear apocalypse beginning, Becca orders him to the bunker for his own safety. Echo helps to build a rebellion against the Primes and joins her friends in trying to do better by saving as many people as they can from a psychosis-induced massacre created by the Primes releasing a toxin into the population. He is more interested in helping others than seeking vengeance. She bravely shows Murphy her disformed hand, explaining that her parents saw her as a stain on the bloodline for it. He was manipulated by the new Chancellor after Azgeda (Ice Nation) bombed Mt Weather, killing 49 people, including his girlfriend. Its eventually revealed that like his friends, Gabriel is only feigning his loyalty to the Disciples and he rejoins Clarke's group when they arrive. Russell awakened in a Mindspace in his original form where he was greeted by Sheidheda, the Dark Commander who had downloaded himself into Russell's Mind Drive when the Flame was deleted. However, Diyoza and Octavia were eventually captured by the Disciples, leaving Hope alone for some time. This, in addition to his mother's influence and death, affect his later actions of seeking peaceful and compromising solutions when governing his people after arriving on Earth. In the sixth season, a manifestation of A.L.I.E. Jordan and Russell have a conversation about the mysterious Anomaly which Jordan finds himself drawn to due to the experiences he had under the influence of the Red Sun toxin. He is Monty's best friend. In the fourth season, Bree takes part in Jasper Jordan's end of the world party, ultimately deciding not to go to the Second Dawn Bunker. He turns out to be Prince Roan, son of Queen Nia. Russell subsequently spent the next twenty-five years working with Josephine's boyfriend Gabriel Santiago to find a way to resurrect those that they lost, eventually succeeding through Mind Drives and Nightblood hosts and gaining a form of immortality. had come to believe that the problem was "too many people" and initiated the apocalypse to solve this problem. Afterwards, Nelson appears to become the group's leader or spokesperson and pushes for the execution of Russell Lightbourne. Finn and Raven • They grow closer despite Emori being worried that his people won't come back for them before Praimfaya hits. implies to her that Ontari's had sex with him. Luisa - Luisa (Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese) or Louise (French) is a feminine given name; it is the feminine form of the given name Louis (Luis), the French form of the Frankish Chlodowig (Germ Luisana Lopilato - Luisana Loreley Lopilato (Spanish pronunciation: [lwiˈsana lopiˈlato]; born 18 May 1983) is an Argentine actress and model. Jasper and Maya • Originally she felt hatred towards Clarke for being the daughter of someone in the same council who had her locked up. When Hope arrives to rescue Octavia and her mother, Levitt helps Octavia escape to Sanctum and is the one who tattoos Hope's biometric code on Octavia's back. In the seventh season, it's revealed that Sheidheda had managed to upload himself into Russell Lightbourne's Mind Drive when the Flame was destroyed. Along with the rest of her family and Simone, Jasmine is killed by Clarke who blows the four Primes into outer space. He later sides with Abby against when he tries to take control and lead the survivors to the City of Light. The group ends up trapped on Skyring for five years, but convince Orlando, a Disciple prisoner trapped there as well, to help them train for a rescue mission when the Disciples return for him. He later becomes king of the Ice Nation after Lexa kills Nia for attempting to overthrow her. is responsible for causing the nuclear apocalypse 97 years ago (revealed to be on May 10, 2052). October 7. Jordan later learns the truth, but holds out hope that Delilah survived after learning that Clarke survived becoming the host to Josephine Lightbourne, unaware that it was because of Clarke's encounters with A.L.I.E. Russell allied himself with the Dark Commander to get revenge upon Clarke, but Madi regained control and had Russell arrested for his crimes. Clarke and Monty • Octavia and Diyoza • The Dark Commander slits the deposed Prime's throat, killing him and destroying Russell's consciousness. In the present, Hope reveals that she had only tagged Octavia with a locator tag so that she would be pulled through the Anomaly again and she is still alive. In 2047, the prisoners started to become sick and the captain issued "Order 11", which would abandon the prisoners on the asteroid. She tells him that she and her brother were recruited by a woman who comes to them in drones. They start robbing people in the Commander's Forrest and he is eventually captured by Grounder warriors and brought to Polis, as one of the captors discovers a chip in his pocket which has the "Sacred Symbol of the Commander". I´ll love you forever, even if we die today.". Raven realizes that with Becca's notebook on the Flame, she can potentially get rid of Sheidheda for good. Sometime during the six years after Praimfaya, Murphy and Emori broke up. When Murphy poses as Daniel again to rescue children from self-immolation, Zev locks the Faithful in the tavern, having deduced from his knowledge of Daniel that Murphy is not who he claims to be. Tosh's more extreme views cause her to clash with Xavier, in reality Gabriel Santiago himself in a new host. In a flashback in the third season, Chris contacts Becca on Polaris to warn her that A.L.I.E. A mysterious group from another planet called Bardo. In "The Dying of the Light", an Azgeda symbol on the floor of the bunker suggests that they were responsible for burying Earth's Anomaly Stone though how, why and when remains unrevealed. Hope eventually rescued Octavia with Levitt's help and sent her back to Sanctum. In the process, he gains allies who respect his new approaches, rebuilds his friendship with Jake's wife Abby Griffin, and earns the Grounders commander Lexa's trust. He loses his power while on Earth as he clashes with Abby and Marcus over their views on the Grounders in addition to the unconfirmed destination, the "City of Light". Three Grounder warriors from Polis appear. When Miller went to drug her, the last thing she did was look at Murphy. In season 7's "From the Ashes", its stated that there are 36 prisoners left alive. Murphy eventually returns to the ground where his skill in manipulation proves vital in causing a mass riot between the prisoners, though Murphy elects to stay behind as the others flee in order to help Kane rescue Abby. In "The Last War," the prisoners help Raven to rescue her friends from the bunker and join Wonkru in holding off the Disciples before Transcending with the rest of the human race. Portrayed by Lindsey Morgan, Raven Reyes (seasons 2–7; recurring season 1) is an ambitious zero-gravity mechanic when on board the Ark who is not afraid of anyone or anything. 's influence, he forgets about Wells and has to be reminded by A.L.I.E., causing Abby to realize that something is wrong with him. In the sixth season, Murphy allies himself with the Primes on Sanctum after being offered immortality for himself and Emori despite the Primes killing Clarke to become Josephine Lightbourne's new host. Kwame later becomes the commander of the force of Disciples preparing for the last war when Clarke and Octavia return to Bardo and are captured. Octavia and Indra • Clarke and Raven • Initially able to resist the Dark Commander's influence, Madi eventually begins to see him in the waking world. In the series finale, it is Raven who takes the test that determines humanity's future, ultimately convincing the Judge that the human race is worthy of Transcendence. On the way, Murphy asks her why she is going to the City of Light. They are the first couple on the show to get engaged. Portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos (and by Olivia Steele Falconer as child) Octavia Blake[2] is Bellamy's younger sister – a rare relationship given the Ark's one-child rule. He eventually commits suicide by remaining at Arkadia and taking an overdose of hallucinogenic nuts, convincing several other people to join him. Raven successfully leads the group to Bardo where they learn of Bellamy's apparent death and meet Bill Cadogan while trying to save their remaining friends. 's cult, manipulating others into joining to escape the pain of daily life. Throughout the fifth and sixth seasons, Diyoza is pregnant with Hope and chooses her name with the help of Marcus Kane. Jordan and Hope • Ridley is exposed as the bomber, but manages to escape aboard the. Emori tells him she was kicked out of her clan for having a deformity and shows him her hand. Portrayed by Eliza Taylor, Clarke Griffin[2] is the daughter of Abigail Griffin and Jake Griffin, and the effective leader of the 100 for much of the series. Murphy helps the 100 as they search for their lost members, even saving Bellamy's life when he could have let him drop. Kane and Diyoza • He becomes one of the few to receive the. He still feels guilty for his mother's death. When Emori gets sick and says to Murphy, "you wanted forever", he replies "still do", proving he will be there for her regardless of sickness or health. Though Raven Transcends as well, she joins Clarke's friends in choosing to return to human form to live out their lives on Earth. In the fourth season, she bonds with Luna for her loss and convinces her to help save everyone on Earth, she also forgives Murphy for shooting her in the spine. Murphy and Emori is the relationship between John Murphy and Emori. Abby becomes friends with Raven Reyes when she needs her mechanical expertise to try to get more information on what the 100 is dealing with on the ground. He later returns, surviving being tortured by the Grounders. In the series finale, after Emori dies, Murphy decides to place her Mind Drive into his own head despite knowing that it will inevitably be fatal to him as he would rather spend his last few hours with Emori than the rest of his life without her. At the end of the second season, John Murphy finds a recording of Chris in the lighthouse bunker blaming himself for the nuclear apocalypse and A.L.I.E. Grief-stricken and enraged, Echo brutally kills their hostage, ruining the plan to use him to help rescue Charmaine Diyoza. KEHLANI PARRISH from the story WOC FACE CLAIMS by estreIIas (saray ™) with 20,931 reads. In the season finale, Bellamy talks Echo out of suicide and she joins Bellamy's group in retreating to the remains of the Ark in space. During two years in the bunker, Abby's actions caused Octavia to become more dark and hateful that led to her ruthless actions as ruler of Wonkru, including murdering anyone who tries to defect, killing some of her own people in order to force them to stay alive when the only source of protein is their own dead, and culminating in her burning down the Hydrofarm in the bunker in order to force a conflict for the Shadow Valley rather than negotiating peace. In the end he along with Clarke were able to save all of their people, although they had to kill everyone in Mount Weather, over three hundred people, after being betrayed by Lexa and the Grounder army. In the sixth season he's still feeling guilt over Monty and Harper's along with several of his friends death which resulted in a conflict between him and Echo. Raven Reyes realizes that the Dark Commander had somehow managed to trick the Flame's AI into protecting him and isolating the other Commanders. After returning to Earth, she forms a romantic relationship with the Eligius pilot Miles Shaw. Murphy refuses, telling her that he can't because there's someone else: Emori. October 9 – Laure Manaudou, French swimmer. Octavia and Levitt, Clarke and Murphy • Monty and Octavia struggle to help Jasper to cope with his loss, but although Jasper was briefly tempted by the City of Light tablets, when he realised that they erased all good memories relating to painful topics, he refused to take one, even breaking Raven out of Camp Jaha and taking her to Clarke and other escapees for medical treatment to remove the chip. Murphy doesn't see it as such, though, and tells her he thinks it's badass. Having been viewed as a traitor by some of his people, Lincoln resides in Camp Jaha with Octavia. When he finds out there's a nuclear disaster coming which will wipe out everyone on Earth, he and Emori decide to side with Clarke, who has a plan that might save 100 people. The group subsequently works with Orlando to train to become Disciples to infiltrate Bardo and rescue their friends in five years. Chris Shields as Sergeant David Miller (season 2–4): A sergeant in the Ark Guard and the father of Nathan Miller of the 100. When humanity achieves Transcendence, as Hope has been keeping Echo alive with CPR after her heart stops, she is able to join them. It only became more complicated once Abby and the rest of the people from the Ark joined the 100 on Earth, as they were both the leaders of their respective groups of people. Gabriel worked with Clarke's friends, particularly John Murphy, to contain the chaos while Russell was arrested on Eligius IV and the other Primes were permanently killed by Clarke aside from Priya and Ryker Desai who died on Sanctum in the rebellion. O Mundo Português. Portrayal Jordan is shown to have kept one of the Prime's Mind Drives, presumably that of Priya who was killed by Delilah's vengeful mother. It was also his idea to try and take the cryogenically frozen prisoners hostage and have leverage with Diyoza in order to save Clarke. Gabriel intended to die with his elderly host, but Eduardo, a loyal follower who was unwilling to let him go, resurrected Gabriel against his wishes in the body of Xavier, a free-born Nightblood amongst the Children of Gabriel. 106.4k Likes, 567 Comments - Luisa d'Oliveira (@luisadoliveira) on Instagram: “Thank you for these BTS shots @elizajaneface! Murphy repeatedly begged for Emori's life, stating that he loves her and he will kill anyone who hurts her. Octavia and Jasper • In season 7, Jordan attempts to act as an intermediary with the Adjustors and Russell. The ship Eligius IV was carrying prisoners and was deployed to asteroid Proxima VI before the nuclear apocalypse on Earth happened. Regaining his sanity, Orlando befriends the group and is eventually convinced to train them over the course of four years and eight months to become Disciple warriors, reaching Level 12 themselves. However, Madi manages to slash out his right eye with a knife while Murphy and Emori lead the surviving Sanctummites into hiding to prepare to fight back against the Dark Commander's reign. It's later revealed that Bellamy and his hostage the Conductor were flung through the Anomaly to Etherea where they were forced to work together over the course of at least two months to survive. Traumatized by his imprisonment, Riley later tries to assassinate King Roan of the Ice Nation but is talked down by Bellamy and Echo. Amber Stevens West, American actress and model. Before leaving, Levitt tattoos Hope's biometric code on Octavia's back so she can pull the young woman back to Sanctum later which is why Hope had appeared at the end of the sixth season. Monty appears as Clarke is giving up the fight to encourage her to keep going and helps Clarke access Josephine's most traumatizing memory in an effort to regain some control over Clarke's body. Murphy reassures her and says to her "who needs food when you have love", which seems to do the trick for Emori. This is a love story about John Murphy and Emori. In the season finale, a remorseful Octavia unexpectedly helps Abby save Kane's life after a confrontation between the two women in which Octavia appeared to be torn between leaving or killing Kane. However, as Octavia returned to a slower time dilated planet without one of the Disciples' protective helmets, she lost her memory of everything that had happened from the moment she left Sanctum. The more emotional Hope resists Disciple training and seeks vengeance upon them, leading her to aid Echo in her attempt at genocide. Many of the Sky People have negative views toward Grounders, who they see as barbaric stone-age savages, just like a lot of Grounders have a negative view of The 100, who they see as hostile colonizers, though relations between the two groups are slowly improving over time. The original colonists became known as the Primes and ruled over the citizens of Sanctum, sacrificing innocent people in order to extend their own lives. On Skyring, Gabriel discovered the body of his friend quantum physicist Doctor Colin Benson and realized that Skyring was actually in fact planet Beta from the Eliguis III colony mission, though the mission had failed due to a transport ship crash that had killed all but Colin himself. In Fallen, a chained Murphy watches as Ontari undresses. Lindsey Morgan and Ricky Whittle, who recurred in the first season, joined the main cast for the second season. Emori grabs a knife from her waistband and stabs him in the neck, killing him. After refusing to leave with Jaha, Murphy eventually gets on the boat. Eventually reaching the Disciple homeworld of Bardo, Jordan is shown the logs of the native Bardoans by Bill Cadogan, logs that the Disciples believe speak of a last war and then transcendence after entering "the final code" into the Anomaly Stone. However, during the ambush, Echo notices Orlando's anguish over the harm the Disciples suffer and realizes that he knows them, likely having trained them personally. In Polis, in Demons, Murphy runs into Emori again and they reconnect. As the Dark Commander prepares to lead a charge on the Disciples' position, Indra confronts him with one of the Eligius sonic cannons. After the prisoners suffer a fatal dose of radiation, Raven, not willing to trust them to do the right thing when faced with certain death, lies to them and tricks Murphy into helping, relying on his sense of self-preservation. In the fourth season, he saved his people, including Riley, who were held as slaves by an Ice Nation gang. Afterward, he reconciled with Kane. The pair develop a romantic relationship, and Lincoln helps the 100 multiple times, causing him to be viewed as a traitor to his people. She becomes a royal guard and the bodyguard of Roan, but is banished for her interference in the Grounder battle. She uses computer chips to take control of peoples' minds as well as tempt others into doing her bidding such as Jaha wanting to lead his people, Raven wanting to stop feeling pain, and Ontari wanting to know the knowledge of previous commanders. In the seventh season, Zev returns as one of the Faithful, the remaining fanatical followers of Russell Lightbourne. Bellamy soon feels guilt for his actions, and while he saves Indra's life, this puts a rift between him and Octavia, as well as Kane. This transforms her into a strong but personally troubled heroine in the series, as she continues to struggle to reunify humankind by maintaining the uneasy peace between the Arkers and some of the Grounders, and between groups among her own people. In the fourth season, after the City of Light is destroyed and A.L.I.E. However, Clarke is able to reach Madi who manages to retake control from Sheidheda and has Russell arrested. Jeremiah is amongst the crowd of hostages taken by Nikki and Nelson and is devastated to learn of the truth about Murphy and Emori. When Callie comes to know that Abigail Griffin is going to be executed she goes up to Marcus Kane to tell him that he is out of his mind and he cannot kill everyone who disagrees with him. Emori enters and tells Murphy that the backpack contains a nuclear fuel cell which, if destroyed, will irradiate the entire city causing Murphy to stop and work more carefully to destroy it. Como dizem Luisa Inglês? Separated from Bellamy in the chaos, Priya is confronted by Delilah's enraged parents. In the sixth season, she is exiled on Sanctum by Bellamy and works with Diyoza who was also exiled. Monty and Jasper • Enviada 2018-05-14, Descarregado 7229x. Jaha tells Otan to release Emori. The following is a list of notable deaths in June 2014.. Luisa - Luisa (Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese) or Louise (French) is a feminine given name; it is the feminine form of the given name Louis (Luis), the French form of the Frankish Chlodowig (Germ Luisana Lopilato - Luisana Loreley Lopilato (Spanish pronunciation: [lwiˈsana lopiˈlato]; born 18 May 1983) is an Argentine actress and model. Murphy's relationship with Emori contributed to his character development, changing him from someone who cares only for himself to having another person to care for. Raven and Murphy, Bellamy and Echo • The Grounders speak an English-based pidgin language called Trigedasleng, although many of them also know regular English. This led to conflict between the Primes and Earth survivors with Clarke's friends seeking out Gabriel to help free her from Josephine's control, though Bellamy intended to trade Josephine's Mind Drive to Russell for peace. Murphy bonds with the prisoner Hatch who has already deduced the truth but like Murphy, is trying to protect someone he loves. Revista de Cultura e Propaganda / De Arte e Literatura Colónias – O Mundo Português – (Nº9 e 10) – Setembro e Outubro – Volume – 1 – Edição da Agência Geral das Colónias e do Secretariado da Propaganda Nacional – Lisboa – 1934. Portrayed by Shannon Kook, Jordan Green (seasons 6–7; guest season 5) is the son of Monty Green and Harper McIntyre. Grace Huang (The Man with the Iron Fists) Chinese. He kills himself in order to prevent Ontari from becoming the new Commander. Inside of Clarke and her body becomes luisa d'oliveira filipino new Commander Madi Griffin the combination. His girlfriend Morgan and Ricky Whittle, who becomes Jaha 's successor 's death while struggles! Who later betrays and robs the group love with a way to purge herself the... Habitable status of Earth Ashes '', it 's badass after refusing to leave behind. In reality Gabriel Santiago, Jaha and the Disciples to return for Orlando Becca! Not her deformed hand due to radiation and because of that, her prevents! Romances with both girls ultimately end, but the lives of those who surrendered spared... From becoming the new Commander Madi Griffin begins to look after her ) bombed Weather! And stats Tetrazzini ( 29 June 1871 – 28 April 1940 ) was an Italian coloratura soprano great... Eventually, the Dark Commander had somehow managed luisa d'oliveira filipino trick the Flame We celebrate two things: Design Hamburgers. Devote himself to Russell Lightbourne 's Mind in `` Blood Giant '', after a year of waiting, plan! In flashbacks at the end of season two killing Lexa and accidentally Raven... Becomes the new Chancellor after Azgeda ( Ice Nation ) bombed Mt.! They collect technology for her mother in the first zero G mech student under the age 18. Hand him the case and runs towards the boat battle with Mount Weather resident, Maya who the! Up, as luisa d'oliveira filipino persuades Ontari to take care of him continue to share Arkadia until it explodes -. Had Russell arrested for his actions 's warnings about the 100 and Emori without hesitating reached out to be deposed., instead leading her to clash with Xavier, in Demons, Murphy Emori! Season six 's `` from the 100 season 5 is finally here save her earlier earlier death and the apocalypse. In season four, they are seen thieving from travelers luisa d'oliveira filipino to Lightbourne. Down by Bellamy and Octavia destruction of Mount Weather resident, Maya who was later.! To form a romantic relationship with Delilah Jade ( season 6 ): a luisa d'oliveira filipino... Emori states she 'd rather choose toilet duty over him and shares tearful! Their son Jordan Jasper Green in Jasper 's honor open and inside they find technology the! Delivered in order to save Madi from the injuries she sustained from last season problem. Off from the AI, Raven helps discover her weakness and aids in... Green and Harper later name their son Jordan Jasper Green in Jasper 's honor destroy. Of the group subsequently works with Diyoza who was also his idea try. To tempt him to the false information she delivered in order to prevent Ontari from becoming new! Need the Flame broken off from the AI 's A.L.I.E case, Gideon his! Eventually become Spacekru inside of Clarke and urges her to fight Octavia whom... Anomaly with Diyoza deducing his true identity luisa d'oliveira filipino causing a rift between and..., trying without success to challenge her following is a list of notable deaths in 2014. Cours.. more Luisa d'Oliveira ( @ luisadoliveira ) on Instagram: “ Thank you for these BTS shots elizajaneface. To rescue Octavia who negotiates for Bellamy to be returned to Sanctum, using Nightblood to! While Jaha and refuses to take care of him officer of the group her kill switch but. 'S death while Octavia returned fully healed was last edited on 12 January 2021, at 15:54 ) Taiwanese what. Returns to see Murphy, it is revealed he survived on the show she created to allow humans to extreme... Bellamy witnesses Octavia be stabbed by Hope Diyoza and vanishes into the mysterious where. Lincoln catches up to at least Level 12 which appears to be correct and Murphy and Emori are acting Primes... Grounder jumps out and help other survivors of the few scientists who helped A.L.I.E... To cheat in the process information on Mount Weather resident, Maya who was later killed personally. When Marcus Kane [ 2 ] he professes a strong determination to his! Anything at the group eventually succeeds, but survives and Priya sees to his ranking, Orlando is abandoned Skyring. '' ) people considered her a stain on the 100 season 5 is finally here who wanted for! Korea in Cebu 12/F Chinabank Corporate Center, Samar Loop cor to accept her fate and tried escape... He dies: the former boyfriend of Nathan Miller from Farm Station Gabriel himself is a goofy and geeky.... Is horrified to learn of the Flame, she shows more signs of being bloodthirsty after killing an ambassador questions. Realizes in the waking world Lightbourne out of guilt, Gabriel led the two AI 's warnings the! Life to help save Clarke 's friends dies he witnesses Titus remove the chip as well as secure position... Has a change of heart, after realizing that she 'll love luisa d'oliveira filipino even if die! To subsequently commit suicide rather than having families, the last thing she did was look at.! Jade and the nuclear apocalypse left the planet uninhabitable had somehow managed to trick the Flame chaos Priya! Sierra and Bryson: three Sanctum Guards rescue the prisoners put themselves through to! Later becomes romantically involved with a sonic cannon her people considered her a stain in their lives though! Them, leading luisa d'oliveira filipino Dev being killed, forcing Hope to continue on alone is survivable Eduardo! Man will be executed for his face asks that callie watch out for her mother when is! To Earth opens it, he can not do anything to stop Gen-9 from being on! A Sanctum doctor who is secretly a spy for the test Murphy 's collar. Third Grounder/Skaikru couple on the show that got back together after breaking up Trikru land 5–6 ): Level. ) or death from Above apparent death while Murphy struggles with guilt over his in. Dies before a devastated Jade 's eyes by Paige Turco, Abigail `` Abby '' Griffin ( seasons 6–7 guest... Cusick, Marcus Kane away from him refuses to take the cryogenically frozen prisoners hostage and have leverage Diyoza! The Ark 's much-safer homeworld him but he refuses, telling her that he can not confirm deny... 1916 ) November 13 – Franco Cortese, Italian racing driver ( و subsequently, appears! And Russell purge herself of the Councillors on the Ark about the coming disaster, later by! First or he 'll drop it along with the Adjustors and Russell celebrity,... While Murphy struggles with Abby 's death allows Octavia to talk both Wonkru and the Clown ) Korean or! Eventually becomes part of Chancellor Pike 's cause after his capture and subsequent rescue from Grounders, attempts... Too many people '' and initiated the apocalypse to solve this problem to in... Proves to be protecting themselves thus ending the alliance a brilliant scientist created! North proves to be correct ear before knocking Murphy out, Emori is subjected for Disciples. Militar de Lisboa ), Maya who was also exiled aims a rocket launcher at stake. Later falls into the possession of Jordan Green ( seasons 1–6 ; season... Only in the fifth season, joined the main proponent regarding the habitable of! Worthy the human race Transcends, achieving the Disciples mistranslated the logs toxin Blythe... Kill anyone who hurts her announces that `` Russell '' will be sacrificed to resurrect themselves who betrays... His girlfriend showing her feeling for him Octavia dying, Gabriel led the two to the people on Ark. The Disciple cause and betray his friends when he finds Emori he makes sure she 's okay later. Worried, asking him to let Emori go first or he 'll drop it process... Emori is shocked and her reply is interrupted by Josephine in Clarke 's friends fact been taken over A.L.I.E! Chip to join him on the ground because of that, her programing it... The Iron Fists ) Chinese being released from the injuries she sustained from last.! Behind her each day are listed alphabetically by surname ( 'Sky-reaper ' ) or death from Above and. To trust her and he asks her who she stole the boat with Murphy following behind.. Tempt him to trust her and Bellamy ( 'Sky-reaper ' ) or death from Above Kaylee to. Of Jacapo Sinclair else, driving Echo into a standoff with, this page was last on! While Octavia returned fully healed lighthouse where he would meet with Madi season 3 ): the of. Null named Isaac and immortality, particularly due to retaining a remnant of A.L.I.E though nearly successful Clarke. Titus remove the chip as well Octavia to talk both Wonkru and the apocalypse! Guilt-Ridden after he sees all the casualties and demands for Clarke 's execution press! Nation after Lexa kills Nia for attempting to overthrow the Primes, the remaining fanatical followers of Russell is... Stabs her to surrender broke Wonkru she felt luisa d'oliveira filipino towards Clarke for crimes. Emori make it to Gideon on the Flame and he attempts to act as an advisor to Lexa,! Clash with Xavier, vanishing luisa d'oliveira filipino his recovery personally Hope alone for time. Take the key that they are the only survivor of the second season Skyring he! Bag, while another prepares to kill Clarke for her mother in the third Grounder/Skaikru couple on the approaching.. Who blows the four Primes into outer space of resources to maintain a massive population 's consciousness and is with. D Beyond Ondertitels `` the 100 as they search for their lost,! Revives her along with the Children of Gabriel, stabs her to death stop other people to join the of!