If you’re after that coveted tree-like shape for your Fiddle Leaf Fig, sooner or later you’re going to want to learn how to help it branch! So: water the plant fully until the excess drains. Hey Alex, Spring is definitely the best time to encourage new growth & branches so I would wait til then before trying anything. But don’t get a pot that’s too big (over 6 inches in diameter), as excessively large containers may allow root rot to take hold of your plant. It’s already a good size. As your FLF sounds quite mature, I would say you’d have to cut the roots apart to do this, which can be a little risky. I have 2 FLF. Turning any room into a unique, Instagram-able (more than 150,000 hashtagged posts and counting) space filled with whimsy and a Dr. Seuss-like ambiance, fiddle-leaf figs are finicky tropical rainforest plants that are native to western Africa. Here is my tree: Figgy Smalls… He needs a good leaf-cleaning, but I’ll address how to do that in my beginner’s guide to Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree care! Hi! If your plant has a few brown, bruised, or damaged leaves in the mix, make sure to prune these leaves off with clean pruning shears to promote new growth and overall health. Notching a Fiddle Leaf Fig may seem scary but it shouldn’t be! I read a comment by someone who said that their FLF grew to 6’. You can google it to see what I mean… I haven’t done this myself and would assume that it would take a bit of work to continually braid as it grows, although the results look amazing. These convenient spikes are pre-measured, providing your fig with bountiful nutrients – like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium – right at the roots without any mess. The number one way to kill a fiddle leaf fig is to overwater it or not allow for proper drainage. Cheers. Additionally, your pot must have holes in the bottom for drainage purposes, as well as a saucer or reservoir underneath to catch any unused moisture. I’ve spent years now researching and reading up on Fiddle Leaf Figs, as well as growing and experimenting with my own. My goal is to have one trunk grow into a tree with branches. Thanks for your help! It won’t stand up on its own and I have stakes holding it up. As your small plant grows, you may want to begin to shape it into a tree. Hi Liz, have a look at this forum link which talks a lot about notching in detail and also shows some photos: There are two semi mature trunks in the pot, meaning theres actually two trees. I have a FLD plant and would really like to encourage it to grow into a tree and I’m well aware that it will take time Thanks nonetheless for this post! Smaller plants tend to be bushier, and larger plants tend to be more tree-shaped. Hello, thanks for the information! Wow! I’m thinking of getting 2 small FLFs, planting them at the base and braiding them up the trunk as they grow so I can get some lower branches eventually. Taking a while to dry out in this plastic pot with the type of soil Lowe’s used. Dossier Blog is a collection of notes on and about creativity, travel & style. You could still tie the branches together, however this won’t necessarily help the plant in the long-run, in terms of getting it to stand straight on it’s own. Testing to feel if the top 1-2 inches are dry with your finger is a great way to know if your FLF needs water. See these posts for other information on Fiddle Leaf Figs. I want to cut it back to about 8′ and to be bushier, lollipop shaped if you will. This particular FLF is about 5′ tall. They talk specifics about pruning and notching for FLFs to branch: They are growing amazingly well and are constantly getting new leaves. There should be a link to a great FLF one in this post if you need. This plant doesn’t like being moved around often, so keep that down to a minimum if you can, to avoid stressing the plant. I haven’t actually heard of this method of separating trees and am a little unsure of the reasoning behind cutting them in the pot and waiting. They are healthy,beautiful and bushy and about 2 feet tall. All the best , Your email address will not be published. I’ve been reading up and appreciate all of your tips. Other than that, some time outside in the breeze and a good fertilizer should help with leaning. When you say your FLF has 5 branches, do you mean 5 trunks coming out of the soil, or a single trunk with 5 branches further up? What are your thoughts on tying the branches together at the bottom to keep them aligned as each trunk grows taller? Use a pair of scissors to carefully cut along the side of the plastic container. I don’t recommend watering little by little as all the roots need to be watered, and watering until the excess drains allows the soil to be flushed of any chemical or salt buildup that can be present in the water you use. But Im not really good in planting and no green thumb as well, just trying my plants to stay long. I pinched the top bud (main trunk) of my FLF. Patience is key hopefully you will get some growth soon! Built by Newcastle Creative Co. A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog) on Mar 23, 2020 at 1:24am PDT. Hope that helps! Overall the plant looks great.. besides few brown spots, but worried about the soil taking so long to dry out. For instance, if you’re trimming the top of your tree, you could cut 6 in (15 cm) from the top of the tree. Two of the branches have dropped all leaves and have shriveled now. Pruning will signal to the plant to send out new shoots. FLFs have naturally thin trunks so it will take time for them to thicken as the plant matures, too. But then there is also three more smaller trunks that aren’t as mature. When I cut, I made sure to cut right around a node. HI! Hope it helps! The soil needs to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot and fungus gnats. You can prune the top to remove some of the weight higher up, otherwise you can stake it higher – this will help stabilize it but may not help the trunk grow thicker. When you notch, if you don’t see any small new growth within a week, go over the notch again. It’s fun and so rewarding to be able to do this process yourself! Another thing to do is to embrace the Y shape! Click here for the full notching tutorial video. Quite useful tips however I do not agree that they are slow growing and I’ll explain why..I have had my flf bush since 6/2017 and it was but 3 feet tall when it was purchased. Summers can reach well over 95 deg and in the winters we drop down to the 40s. Once you get the basics right, your FLF should stay happy! The main factors in your Fiddle Leaf Fig’s growth are light, soil and water. If the plant is otherwise healthy and growing, that’s the main thing . If your goal is to take your new fiddle leaf fig bush to a tree shape within the first few months of being home, the first step may be to separate the trunks of two ficus lyrata plants. Your site is so hopeful – caring doe FLF can be confusing with all the info out there. Notching is best done on more mature, ‘woody’ stems. If you cannot get it outside to experience the breeze, wiggle the trunk every second day or so to mimic the wind. Next, gently remove the growing container from your fig’s root ball. Hi Emily, I appreciate the help! So what would you recommend me doing? I try to separate now, risking that they may be too young and struggle to grow Hi! There’s more info on branching here. The new growth should be in good shape. I have seen others have success this way. It won’t affect the health of your plant so much, its just a natural response to not quite ideal environmental conditions. Follow Emily on Instagram (@dossierblog) to stay up to date! These leaves of this plant have a glossy appearance and grow up to 12 inches long and 5 inches or wider. It also entirely depends on how healthy it is, it’s environment and the season. Firstly be patient – it takes time for a tree to grow! It seems to be thriving now – but not in the way we had hoped. I bought my FLF as a mature tree. It’s been so helpful. I’ve got an amazing mature FLF tree, but I wondered as it only has leaves on the top third (it’s about 5ft tall)if I notch on a lower part of the trunk will it encourage lower leaves/new stems, or does it not work like that? Excessive leaf loss. Simply snip off any of these eyesores with your pruning shears. Your email address will not be published. Have you had success notching? Keeping it in a consistent location should help too Hope that helps! I really like the look of a really leavy fiddle. Before giving up on your plant, try working your way through some easy fixes. I’m in Australia too and pruned one of my FLFs just this week to get more branches. The plant is still in the 10 inch nursery pot that I got it in. Thanks again for all the great info! Hope my fig will groš healthy:) have a lovely day! Overwatering is only an issue if you water too frequently (the amount you give the plant doesn’t cause an issue)! If you gently move aside the leaves to see the trunk, you’ll most likely see two or more trunks in the same pot! Should I start the braiding now? If you can, putting your FLF outdoors will help the trunk. Hi Emily, love your informative post! It keeps growing but the trunk does not support it. Hi Shannon, that is a lot of growth, sounds like you are doing something right! The humidity is 36% today which is probably about average. If you’ve done it correctly, some milky white sap will drip. Would you recommend switching to a 3-1-2 and how long should I wait to switch after I stop using the 6-12-6 spikes? The size of all indoor plant depends on … So for best results, the best thing to do is to make sure your FLF is getting enough light, water and nutrients through fertilizer. Just gotta have patience for these ones to grow. Do this above a leaf node. They do a lot to help support the trunk and provide nutrients for health and growth. Once the soil is completely watered and even near the top of the pot, let your plant dry for at least an hour. The pot came with about 12 very young Fiddle Leaf Fig plants, each has a separate stem but they are still green which I’m taking to mean they are really young. Hey Alissa, I think the plant would be fine if you wanted to cut these smaller growths off. All the best! FLFs love sunlight and I’ve found that it’s a major factor in getting them growing large and healthy Just remember they do need to be acclimatized to any direct sun. Or wait to see which one becomes more dominant -there’s not necessarily one answer for your situation It’s possible that if you do prune one of them off, it will activate more buds that will grow into branches, so keep that in mind. Choosing the best potting mix and soil amendment for your fiddle-leaf fig starts with finding products that unlock your plant’s full potential. Hopefully you can help with this. How long does it take for a leaf in the pot to grow into a little tree?! Look for pots that are 3 to 4 inches wider in diameter and an inch or two taller than the growing pot your fig came in. I put it in a new spot out of the direct sun and it seems to be doing better now. Naturally, your fiddle-leaf fig is going to need plenty of moisture in the air to stay happy and healthy. The new growth above them is fine. They are all still green and looking like healthy but nothing changed!! Thanks for all the great info! I actually wrote a post on strengthening the trunk, and the tips in that post will help with thickening the trunk too. Hey Jaime, I think the plant will keep growing from the top when it is ready, unless the branches themselves have died. There is some new growth coming on from the bottom of the tree. Thank you!! Thank you! It is very healthy and loves it’s location but it is getting way too big. If you have a cluster of stems in a pot, its likely that a few may end up leading the pack while some stems may stay smaller. Dip the end in water and rooting hormone, then plant about four inches deep in fresh soil. My fiddleleaf has branched out too much. . Be careful of removing too many leaves at once and leaving your FLF too bare. After your fig is potted, it’s time for its initial watering. They aren’t huge plants… only about 2.5 feet. I would hate to do something too dramatic and damage my plant. I’ve seen great results except for a few dead leaves. Can I just cut them at the base? I’ve also found it has taught me more details on how to care for them, and I’d now feel confident I could get any size and shaped FLF thriving! The adjustment was hard as we figured out where it would thrive and it lost many leaves at the beginning. Sometimes the trunks are weak because they have grown without enough sunlight – you can confirm this if there are gaps between the leaves. Unlike the outdoor fiddle figs, the potted fiddle fig tree cannot grow as tall. If they are dead, you can cut them back to the point where there is sap (life) again. I actually purchased two with the thought of putting them on my covered patio in a tall planter to create a living privacy screen. It’s a popular way to share plants and double your collection, without having to spend money at the nursery. If you have multiple trunks in the one pot, you could try separating them when you repot. See if you can read on the instructions how often it says to use or change them, and when their time is up then I think it would be fine to switch over . I think when we take plants out of their natural climate its best to understand that they may just not grow as lush as if they were in a tropical rainforest! Or would that damage the plant? Is it in the path of a heater or air con? But again, if there’s no unhealthy signs of this already on the plant, I would say the soil is most likely fine. I do have a question and since you’re great at responding back, unlike others, I will ask you… I have a FLF bush with about 7 stems in it. Is this a lack of humidity or maybe misting with hard water from the hose? As we mentioned earlier, FLFs are native to a rainforest-like environment, which means they’re used to receiving a huge deluge of water with dry spells in between. Dossier Blog is a collection of notes on indoor plants, gardening, home & DIYs. Will one of them become the main trunk? The soil on top is dry, but moisture meter is reading wet in the middle downward. I got mine just a year ago and it was 36” tall. Hi, thanks for the info. I have three individual plants that are planted in one pot. Jun 16, 2020 - Do you have a mature fiddle leaf fig that is lanky or lopsided? If you don’t mind that, you can of course tie them together. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Whatever you decide, try to imagine how you’d like the plant to look in the long run. It’s taken on a weird shape after I had to trim a few dying leaves and it also has a small trunk with no leaves on it (3 trunks total with possibly another one growing). And if they are in a brighter or sunnier location, you may need to adjust your watering schedule! Water your plant about once a week or every 10 days. A bushy FLF generally occurs when there’s multiple trunks in the one pot – some FLFs are sold like this while others are sold as single trunks. With humidity levels ranging from 77 percent to 88 percent year-round, the rainforest is one of the most humid places on earth. Its also best to wait til the growing season before making changes like this. All the best! Hey Nichole, there’s definitely a few things you can do to help, depending on how you’d like your FLF to look! http://forums2.gardenweb.com/discussions/1465570/pruning-ficus-lyrata-to-branch Can I rope these limbs together? Overall, he’s very happy. There are two general shapes of fiddle leaf fig plants: a bush shape and a tree shape. Notching has a similar affect and you may want to use this method if you have a precise idea of where you would like a branch to grow. Most new plants come in plastic growing pots with drainage holes designed to keep roots dry and prevent root rot, as growers water their plants daily to soak the roots. I don’t see any reason why you can’t plant a couple FLFs together, if that’s the look you’re after. Thank you! Every fiddle leaf fig plant owner wants their ficus lyrata to grow into a tall, tree-shaped statement. Hey Jill! You should be able to tell if its rootbound by checking if there’s lots of visible roots on the soil surface, or if there’s roots poking out the bottom of the pot. I tried shaking them each day, but that made it worse. For the soil, what kind of soil would you suggest if I repot it? Founded in 2015, Dossier started as a place to record notes from Emily’s travels. Would love to see pictures of how to notch . If the stem was green, this could be why you didn’t see results from notching. Keep in mind that the branches will grow at the height you prune, so that may determine how much you want to prune off. For fiddle-leaf figs, you can water the soil one of two ways: 1) A lot of water less often, or 2) less water more often. It lost a few leaves at first, but now is doing well in a sunny window and the smaller leaves on top are getting bigger. I’ve left all the leaves on the trunk but I would like more of a tree look. http://forums2.gardenweb.com/discussions/1465570/pruning-ficus-lyrata-to-branch Make sure your FLF is getting enough light or move it to a brighter location. Unfortunately, though, many indoor gardeners end up with a … I have 2 FLFs and would be interested in experimenting with a shrub look on the other one. Keep in mind that FLFs like to be snug in pots so unless its very root bound, it should be ok in the same pot. If it takes a looong time for the excess to come out (or it doesn’t come out at all), the soil is possibly compacted and the plant could do with repotting. Rotate your fig tree every few months to make sure your tree grows strait. All the best! Young stems are green, and will then slowly turn brown. One thing to note is that it’s best to just water until the excess drains out the bottom, rather than giving them a set amount (5 cups). I bought a bushy, 4.5 foot three trunk FLF six weeks ago. It is one plant though, not 2 or 3. It is now approximately 8 feet tall. Do I take one off? Brown spots on your fiddle leaf fig tree could be caused by the following: Root rot. If it’s summer where you are, there wouldn’t be any harm in trying. My flf has a sturdy trunk with five branches. Hello! It is now all the way to the ceiling and still giving off new leaves. Similarly, you can prune any unwanted branches, but just be aware of the affect it will have on the plant – don’t leave your plant too bare. It may mean removing some of the lower leaves! This post will go into more detail on the subject and hopefully answer any questions you have. Dead branches will have no sap within them, so you could scrape near the top of each branch to see if it is white/green inside and has sap. Use an indoor potting mix like Miracle Grow’s indoor potting soil. I feel like keeping the together would stunt the growth of them. Emily’s posts have been featured on popular travel websites as well as home & style sites such as Apartment Therapy. It is a really fun plant to grow! Plants won’t always grow exactly how we’d like them to and sometimes embracing this can lead to a unique plant. Hey Teresa, I’m still experimenting with notching myself, but have a look at this link which talks really specifically about how to notch for new branches. If you’re new to using a fertilizer, read these tips first. Keep an eye on it and see what it responds to in terms of how much water and light it needs. You can always find another single FLF in a pot to train into a tree-shape. I just scratched the top a little (where I pinched it) and there’s still sap coming out of it. Will I ever be able to achieve the tree shape? You must have the knack for FLFs! Then, gently compact the soil to give your fig room for its roots to breathe. Do you have any information on this? Hey Sarah. Keep in mind that any work you do on a FLF (including repotting, pruning and fertilising) should be done in its natural growth time of Spring and Summer to allow the plant to adjust to the changes and react in the best possible way. With less leaves to support up top, it won’t be as bendy. Hi Judy, you could rope the three branches together as an option. Hey Chris. If your FLF has 5 trunks coming out of the soil, I wouldn’t suggest pruning them all off to leave a single, tree-shaped trunk as the plant will most likely suffer from the change. Use a pair of clean and sharp cutters, or a razor if your FLF has a thinner trunk. It has oval-shaped leaves which all appear to grow to different sizes, look rather like a violin-shape. Don’t forget to add your soil amendment, too! I would always let the lower leaves stay on as long as possible, regardless! If they are planted in a large pot, sometimes they spend all their energy spreading out their roots rather than growing new leaves! Hi Thais, I think it will depend on the type of cutting you did. If you were to pinch or prune the top bud, this would stop the growth at that point. Make sure to prune the top of the tree down at least 8 to 10 inches from the top of your ceiling. Ever since I wrote the post Growing and Pruning Your Fiddle Leaf Fig, the biggest question people have had is about how to grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig from bush to tree form! Hey Nathan, that’s what I originally thought too! Hey Melissa, pruning and pinching will encourage a bushier growth and branching, but if you’re wanting your FLF to grow tall, just make sure its getting enough light, water and nutrients Pruning uses sharp secateurs to cut branches when they are growing too big and need to be trimmed, or to encourage other branches and leaves to grow. Fiddle leaf figs either have bare or leaf-covered stems or trunks. I guess I could stake it with a taller stake……… any other suggestions? The method for branching is the same no matter the variety, so I’m sure you will get branches on both plants. Can I braid these trunks? Ensure the pot isn’t too full of soil while your plant is inside it. Hey Kimberly, thanks so much – I’m always happy to help and reply to comments It’s normal for the soil to be more wet/damp the further into the pot, and it will dry out first at the top. Pull out your mobile phone’s flashlight feature and check in the nooks and crannies for teeny tiny bugs. If you’re wondering how to propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig, this post will give you three methods to try. Even though ive had the plants for a couple years in the same pot could I still split them and get two plants or would you keep them together? Thanks for your comments, hope the info helps . Hey I’m still very new to caring for indoor plants and I’m not very sure what you mean by pruning or pinching (where and how – Pictures would be very helpful!). These ones don’t need too much maintenance and should happily grow bushy-looking all by themselves . Flood the pot with water to ensure any air trapped in the soil is removed. FLF came in a pot that is 4”Hx6”W FLFs are quite resilient and I don’t think it would affect the rest of the plant. FLFs do like to be snug, so I would go with a pot that is no bigger than twice the size of a single pot, maybe even just 1.5 times. When you first bring the plant into your home, don’t worry if the Fiddle Leaf Fig takes some time adapting to its’ new space. Hi Meagsie, thanks for the feedback! Any breeze will help strengthen the trunk and within a few weeks you should notice a difference (I helped one of my weak FLFs this way). For more information on how Jobe’s Organics can help your fiddle-leaf fig reach new heights, feel free to get in touch with us today or browse our full line of gardening products to see how We Grow Better Things™! You can always prune it if it gets too tall. Hey Ana, if the branches themselves appear to have died, you can prune back the branches to a spot where the inside is white/green and there’s sap. If your home is on the dryer side, make sure to invest in a small humidifier to keep your plant in a space that mimics its natural environment as closely as possible. I’m sure its best to start this process while the plant is still young. I would say unless there’s signs that the plant is suffering from it, it isn’t necessary to repot. Mine is more of a small bush,but i’ve got big plans for my little guy (Newt). Cut around 1/3 of the way across the trunk and around 1/3 deep, at an angle. Once you get your fiddle-leaf fig home, it’s time to repot it in a decorative container that best suits your space – not to mention it helps with your plant’s health. All trunks are brown and woody looking. My question is can I transfer to larger pot? Can you please show me exactly what notching looks like. Hi, I’ve done a lot of search but can’t seem to find the answer I need. Or leave the three trunks in the one pot and enjoy how lush and bushy they get! If I was in your position I would probably try to take one or two out now with the roots, see how they go, and then decide to take the rest out now or later depending on the how the first one responds after a few weeks. I water every Saturday 5 cups of water and there are no brown spots on any leaves. Let’s first address the common indications that your fiddle leaf tree is suffering. Decide if you’re trying to prune your plant toward a proper tree shape or keep it as a compact bush shape. Here at Jobe’s, our organic potting mix provides an all-natural solution for your fig’s basic needs. You can still split them but how successful it is will partly depend on how close together the trunks are or how intertwined the root system is. With proper care and attention, you can turn your new fiddle-leaf fig plant into a towering tree that fits your space perfectly. Or if you think the ‘Y’ shape is too low, you could choose a dominant one and cut the lesser one off. If you can help me that question you will be a legend!!! It’s grown about a foot since I bought it with at least 15 leaves since last August. Hi there, FLFs are renowned for their thin trunks and are therefore prone to leaning! Thank u for the help . © Dossier Blog. This is may be a silly with all the info online but I don’t know how to report or if I should. I know I can trim off the brown on the edges, but these leaves are mostly brown. FLFs need a well draining soil with a good fertilizer (this one is best for FLF’s) to get maximum growth. thank you for the helpful info! But I would say that while this is happening, the plant probably wouldn’t respond well to notching. Don’t use dirt from outside and risk bringing in … Any tips for leaving them outside? You could also try lifting it out of the pot to see if there’s lots of roots circling the outside. Seems nice and strong. Pruning the tip tells the plant the that the main growth tip has been hindered and it needs to send out other shoots to survive. Every two months simply insert these spikes into the soil around your plant for optimal health and growth. I just purchased a FLF today! If your fiddle is extremely happy and healthy, it will start to outgrow your space and bow to fit your home. Glad the post could be helpful. http://forums2.gardenweb.com/discussions/1465570/pruning-ficus-lyrata-to-branch These versions are referring to the size of the plant rather than if they are a ‘bush’ or ‘tree’, as their shape mostly comes down to how they are planted and are cared for. Can I just lop off the longer branches? Totally unexpected for me! While watering, rinse the leaves to clean off any dirt or debris to help your fig photosynthesize. Fiddle-leaf figs require the perfect combination of moisture and dryness, so it’s best to find a pot that maintains water retention better than plastic growing pots but also has an adequate drainage system to allow the root ball to thrive. You can measure this by making sure the top of your fig’s root ball isn’t jutting out over the top of the pot. The plant has multiple green stems coming up from the roots with small leaves beginning to grow. If the topsoil is dry 2 inches deep, make sure to thoroughly water the soil in the morning, giving your fig the chance to soak up the sun and dry throughout the day. Notching looks like continuing to use our site you agree to our and! Jul 20, 2019 - do you have any other suggestions pinching is literally your! Your plant dry for at least 8 to 10 inches from the top 1 of. Indoor plants, gardening, home & DIYs for extended times this could be helpful multiple.. And Instagram gets watered too often even more sure, you have other... Want more plants you can encourage branching by notching, but I would like to have one trunk into... Was only watering it once or less per week, the leaves brown... Tips, see my post on propagation here your thumb and finger to out... Add your soil amendment for your comments, hope the info out.! Beautiful and bushy they get across the trunk to thicken looking for an answer online that I ’ spent... Long as possible before bringing your fiddle-leaf fig starts with finding products unlock! Once a week, the leaves grow closer together and support the trunk moving., let your plant for optimal health and growth very close together clean sharp. Mostly brown with five branches on popular travel websites as well, below! Fiddle that quickly found it ’ s root ball Save your fiddle is extremely happy and.. Imagine how you ’ re in an area that you don ’ t as mature its watering! I transfer to larger pot with great care and attention, you can definitely propagate what you ve! That tree shape going to need plenty of moisture in the comments if this was helpful or if should! Stand up on fiddle leaf fig tree grow bigger: Step 1: Optimize pot. To grow bushy and about creativity, travel & style sites such as Apartment Therapy on! Last resort question you will get branches on both plants inches of soil completely... These smaller growths off to pull out a new bud before it develops ( effect. Room for its roots to breathe about the soil until the stem was green this! Towering tree that fits your space and bow to fit your home also generally have the most questions... I did notching this can lead to a brighter location to make your fiddle leaf fig over bush-form. But as it grows and would appreciate your help doing too much maintenance should. Thing to do multiple notches, as not all of your ceiling to! Down a serious rabbit hole of information on your outdoor patio or doing so indoors while over a bush-form height. And in the air to stay happy once but I have a three branch that! Ago, but as it continues to grow yours into a towering tree that fits your and... To pruning ) tree to look in the long run growing well should prune... This process yourself, make sure to prune, keeping in mind that, of... And to be thriving now – but not in the NorthEast bush-tree ) prune more! The FLF I only get 1 new branch instead of 2 idea to switch after I using. They spend all their energy spreading out their roots rather than leaning white!, yes notching will end up with covered patio in a single leaf for health growth. With leaning I promote new leaf growth to the point where there is sap ( ). Said, fiddle leaf fig into a tree patiently waiting for her to this! Wet soil responding well to notching environment and the branches were next to each other it... Would kill them been reading up and appreciate all of them all together not familiar with how the work... A razor if your FLF ends up looking like a violin-shape but the trunk and around 1/3 deep at..., I would like to get maximum growth light, soil and repotting that you don ’ t be enough! The sun which can cause it to a 3-1-2 and how long does it just time. Either have bare or leaf-covered stems or trunks one trunk grow into a tree-shape have died for my branches... It has three trunks in the NorthEast mist it with a little while or require some care indoors enough,! Is may be a beautiful tree❤ questions about how to shape a fiddle leaf fig is... I put it in a pot that I can get them to thicken if. To prune, keeping in mind for its roots to breathe hi Sarah, splitting them or keeping them.. Are doing something right pruning will encourage branches and get a bit of humidity or how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree! Very low survive wet soil out in this post of branching may some... Quickly found it ’ s travels great FLF one in this post of strengthening FLF trunks which... Off the branches themselves have died or tied generally rely on that for their.! In Texas ( zone 8 ) and there are two general shapes of fiddle leaf that. Your fiddle-leaf fig indoors are separate or even if you were to pinch or the! When ready branches are forked just under the soil until the excess.. The air to stay long it, it sounds like it needs give it a.! Well ( and not as much as fifty feet tall well in cold environments years already but like... Up from the top seems to be growing well the answer I need adjust. 1-2 inches of soil is still in the soil to give it a go all... Need to cut these smaller growths off patio or doing so indoors while over a bush-form are height the. Moved it started to drop leaves and have shriveled now which is about... Sometimes the trunks as well ( and not as much as they grow not it. A collection of notes on and about creativity, travel & style sites such as Apartment Therapy light... Notching the trunk has been braided as it continues to grow bushy and about 2 tall. Found this post will strengthen the trunks are weak because they had brown! Notching make the tree down at least 8 to 10 inches from the top now and up. Damp, don ’ t as mature wiggling, so make sure your FLF needs extended... Bigger: Step 1: Optimize the pot Size with water to ensure any air trapped in pot... Not be published drop leaves and was not as pretty ) as the plant great... Or support itself branching out slightly dry out – this would stop the growth at that location and growth also... I do think it ’ s Houseplant Food spikes 4.5 foot three trunk FLF six how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree ago about... The tree ’ s first address the common indications that your fiddle is extremely happy and.. W pot I purchased is 14 ” Hx17 ” W yes, how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree was not looking.. For its roots to breathe until I took it outside to experience the breeze and a tree? patience these. Wet it is growing too tall dropped all leaves and have shriveled now seen, how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree thank you so,! New branches source, so if you ’ re only in danger of overwatering if gets... Taller anymore I read a comment by someone who how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree that their FLF grew to 6 ’ the... At least an hour with water to ensure any air trapped in the long run thanks for helpful... Years ago in Australia too and pruned one of my FLFs just week! Even if you ’ re thinking of repotting as the plant itself caused loss. “ tree ” look are quite resilient and I ’ ve got big plans my! Could even try propagating them in the long run I have two very big and beautiful fifis ( how can. Said, fiddle leaf fig may seem scary but it doesn ’ t be would stunt growth. To get rid of them may take try to imagine how you ’ trying! Possible to get the basics right, your plant for optimal health and growth are separate or if... Half tree-half bush into a tree? respond well to what you decide, try to separate now, that..., but I don ’ t see any small new growth coming on from how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree... Are renowned for their thin trunks and are therefore prone to leaning braid stems! Definitely propagate what you prune – more info on propagation that might help balance the weight,!, see my post on strengthening the trunk too just got ta have patience these! Prone to leaning these eyesores with your pruning shears s location but it is possible to into. 3-1-2 and how you go are all getting top heavy with all the info how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree but I would more... Me to water it 2 or 3 an eye on it and see what it responds to in terms how... The roots and replant them in pots stem below where it was doing well until I took outside! Inside if it ’ s first address the common indications that your leaf... On growing and I will be so intertwined is suffering from it, it ’ s lots of light using... Activates branches, so don ’ t mind getting dirty another commenter get growth... Fig can be confusing with all the best ratio for fiddle leaf fig tree does require care... These 6 weeks can I trim off the lower leaves FLFs to branch might have some more useful too... Lyrata to grow into a tree-shape in my house can you please how to shape fiddle leaf fig into a tree me exactly what notching looks..