You can lock it down more if you want, but I’ll not go into that here. If you change your mind and decide you want to remove specific tasks again, bad things seem to happen. This should start the Genie System for you automatically after you log in to Windows. Not all desktop environments are working optimally with X2go, but Mate, XFCE and LXDE are the ones guaranteed to work fully. Make sure to include at least the desktop software of your choice – I chose Ubuntu Desktop. Localhost does not work. (II) GLX: enabled GLX_ARB_fbconfig_float To run tasksel, it’s simply a case of typing;eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'most_useful_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_11',112,'0','0'])); Choose the tasks you want your Ubuntu WSL installation to perform. Once you are done with installation, you can set wsl2 to be default using command: wsl --set-default-version 2. you can check the version of the distro using command. I’m reporting on my experience following this. Multiple Windows won’t work. Want a conventional Ubuntu experience? Using Docker in WSL 2. The SystemD-Genie project has moved – I’ve updated the article. The first to login, which then becomes a blank screen, and a second VNC session to an actual desktop. Then copy and paste the code below into the nano editor using right mouse click -> Copy and then pasting into the WSL2 terminal screen using the CTRL-V or CTRL-SHIFT-V keystroke. It’s probably 172.xx.xx.xx. Desktop GUI using WSL2 & xRdp. (II) GLX: enabled GLX_SGI_swap_control Finally we’re ready to run SystemD-Genie which will start Xvnc server and start Gnome Display Manager (GDM) or Light Display Manager (LightDM).eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'most_useful_com-small-rectangle-1','ezslot_29',116,'0','0'])); I recommend LightDM because GDM causes us to need to have 2 VNC sessions. But my Mrs uses Affinity – and to be honest the Affinity GUI is just nicer. Ubuntu 18.04LTS subsystem in WSL2 mode; Docker for desktop - enabled WSL2 integration with my Ubuntu subsystem; I was currently forced to use Windows for development, so I became microsoft insider member and installed ubuntu with WSL2 mode. So, to be able to use a name instead of an IP address – and have that name automatically update whenever WSL2 changes the IP address internally, visit and install his little helper application. (EE) Server terminated with error (1). (II) GLX: enabled GLX_MESA_swap_control It is really good and perfect for what I was looking for. 2020年8月9日 2020年9月25日 WSL 2 Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, WSL2. I also added the fonts, because why not. All good, I’d put the content blocker on another site of mine because my content was getting ripped off and then ranking better on Google than my own stuff! Once you have Ubuntu and X410 installed from Microsoft Store, you're ready to run Linux GUI apps. Before you can use a desktop GUI on Ubuntu in Windows 10 you need to use the Compiz Config Setting Manager (ccsm) to set the display off properly. This is needed so that you can login to your own Linux desktop session, just as if your Linux installation was running on its own machine. I don’t know why this is happening, any ideas? WSL 1. If you've already installed Ubuntu, just convert our existing WSl1 Ubuntu to WSL2 run: wsl -l -v wsl --set-version Ubuntu 2 wsl --set-default-version 2 Black screen from VcXsrv means you’ve either got the wrong IP address in the Xlaunch settings, or you didn’t allow Public networks through the Windows firewall, or that LightDM isn’t running. Other’s who’ve provided settings advice for VcXSrv to help speed it up here and there. Installing the .deb directly won’t work (I tried your way too, and it gave me the same error). YAML files are extremely picky about indentation and syntax – so double check you’ve copied and pasted correctly and the indents are accurate. You can choose whichever option suites you best except Multiple Windows. To do that, switch the encoding to RAW since we don’t need to reduce network bandwidth at the expense of extra CPU work. In a terminal (either Ubuntu2004 terminal, or Microsoft Terminal, whichever you installed) type the command; You may be told that the net-tools package isn’t installed. The experience of installing Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) just keeps getting better. But, I’m neither. If that’s the way you want to do it though, use the following command; However, there is a configuration setting that can set the maximum amount of RAM that WSL will use, in order to keep Windows running smoothly. It’s a pain but once it’s set up you’ll forget it exists EDIT: 15/10/2020 – Thanks to poking around on Github I have found a proper solution that works. As others had commented, the /usr/lib/genie directory didn’t exist for me. Having gone through the process again for another article and Desktop Environment under WSL2, I can confirm that the file and directory is in fact not required. The first line should give you the IP address. Nonetheless, I created it, then started genie; everything fired up as expected. Microsoft have announced that an RDP based GUI will be added to WSL2, but it’s not currently available. I only get a black screen when I run XLaunch. Windows Terminal can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store or GitHub and can be extensively customized. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2 introduces a significant architectural change as it is a full Linux kernel built by Microsoft, allowing Linux containers to run natively without emulation. All of this is made possible with the recent changes to the architecture of WSL to run within a lightweight virtual machine (VM), which we talked about in an earlier blog post about WSL 2. To install Ubuntu on Windows 10 open the Microsoft Store app, search for “Ubuntu 20.04”, and hit the “Get” button: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on the Microsoft Store The Ubuntu distro you installed is a complete Ubuntu userland, which is run on the MS-built kernel inside a container-like environment. Microsoft seems to be working on changing this behavior and planning on supporting shared loopback addresses just like WSL1 but it's not yet happened.. Can you upgrade the hard drive in the Surface Pro 4? I will show you how to use VSCode and Ubuntu Linux (WSL2). To convert an existing WSL 1 distro to WSL 2 run the following in PowerShell: To set WSL 2 as the default for installing WSL distributions in the future run the following in PowerShell: To upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu on WSL run the following in Ubuntu: The new open source Windows Terminal recently reached 1.0 and makes an excellent companion to Ubuntu on WSL 2. It’s worth noting at this point that Kali Linux now comes with Win-Kex which is a really promising way forward for getting a full GUI setup under WSL2. I downloaded the systemd package for “focal” from “https://packagecloud.ioarkane-systems/wsl-translinux” using wget and tried to install it with That’s what this article is about – like you couldn’t guess. I did some more digging and found some scripts which forward ports and manipulate the firewall – looks really messy and a pain if you need to add more ports. Visit to download a .msi package, install it, and then try again. And it’s free for non-commercial use) and setup a connection to localhost port 5900. I selected Mate, and installed the full desktop like this: $ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop $ sudo apt-get install x2gomatebindings Installing the x2go client and connecting to your new desktop Emmanuel. And the log says: Thanks for pointing it out to me, particularly in such a friendly manner…. To configure LightDM to allow us to login using a Windows X-11 Server, follow the instructions below; And add the following contents (the file will likely either not exist or will be empty). ... Package management on Ubuntu on WSL works the same as on desktop Ubuntu, using the apt package manager. – SHA256:49404714b581362e4f28464472c27d814ef673c39e6e73f23083e0fc44e09df1 Be aware though, that on my Surface Pro 4 at least, I couldn’t get this to work if the Native OpenGL tickbox was checked on VcXsrv. I advice LightDM because that doesn’t happen with LightDM and it’s just so much more intuitive. /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: lightdm is not installed Docker desktop supports intergration for WSL2, so I tried it... For a week it worked flawlessly. One option is to install Gnome, which is the default desktop environment in Ubuntu 20.04. Background I have a demo-environment consisting of a few dockerized services not in any public repository, but the images are imported manually. Incidentally, if you install it through apt like that, you won’t need to do the dpkg-reconfigure, because apt will run that bit for you. This is the distribution we’re using. Fedora 32 on Surface Pro 4 – even better! Hi, need a little help please. March 2, 2020 by Matt Hernandez, @fiveisprime Last June, the Docker team announced that they will be investing in getting Docker running with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). ... Package management on Ubuntu on WSL works the same as on desktop Ubuntu, using the apt package manager. The Linux-Surface crew are working hard on this though. Tags: You’ll need some software that understands the X-Windows protocol. Should I Create it ? Ubuntu is fast, its a wonderful development experience all my favorite linux tools. I’ve discovered that the Native OpenGL box being ticked seems to make the system run slightly slower, so I’ve left it unchecked. > sudo dpkg –configure -a It’s pretty insecure. The fix is relatively simple, but bear in mind, although the desktop looks a LOT better, the performance is not quite as snappy.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'most_useful_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_2',132,'0','0'])); To make the change, open Windows File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\VcXsrv folder. In this case though we want the whole Linux desktop to start – and doing that from the terminal is possible, but it’s not exactly native feeling. This might seem odd, but your Windows 10 platform is considered the outside world to WSL2 – even though they’re on the same Surface Pro 4. Canonical supports Ubuntu on WSL in organizations through Ubuntu Advantage which includes Landscape for managing Ubuntu on WSL deployments, extended security, and e-mail and phone support. First I set up xrdp in the wsl2 ubuntu and checked I could RDP to it from the windows laptop it is running on – I can connect fine with Windows RDP on the 172. address of the WSL ubuntu. to warn users about some of these minor issues. What did i miss? Reading state information… Done The Linux kernel (optimized in size and performance for WSL2) is built by Microsoft from the latest stable branch based on the sources available on “”. apt will download and install packages from the Ubuntu archive. Hey thanks for the article, I haven’t tried this yet but seems that it is what I’m looking for. It sounds like your SystemD-Genie didn’t get installed properly. Search for "Ubuntu 20.04" and install this Linux distro. Run a Docker container from Ubuntu WSL2 and keep it running; Get its private IP using docker container inspect id eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'most_useful_com-sky-3','ezslot_27',135,'0','0']));Getting into things like Docker and Visual Studio Code is so much easier and better integrated under WSL2 rather than a separate VM -though of course you don’t need to have a full desktop to run these, if you want a desktop and Windows integration, the WSL2 Ubuntu Desktop is really the way to go. Using Docker in WSL 2. See our YouTube page for more WSL-related videos from WSLConf 2020. Configuring LightDM to use XDMCP is simple. By default WSL2 will use up to 80% of the available RAM (EDIT: newer WSL versions set the limit at 50%) – but that can be a bit too much sometimes. I had one or two minor things to fix on my laptop. Then there’s Shayne Sweeney who produced the Go-WSL2-Host package that makes it easy to use a hostname rather than IP address making the whole XDMCP connection so much simpler and more reliable. The latter you can check in a standard WSL shell by typing “ps auxww | grep lightdm” and seeing if it’s there. Today Microsoft... © 2020 Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu and Canonical are There is no need to tweak SystemD-Genie any more – the latest packages work straight out of the box. KDE Plasma on WSL works really, really well and here’s how. You can decide if you want to warn users about these possibilities. registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd. New installation options coming for Ubuntu on WSL, WSLConf returns this week with worldwide sessions, Ubuntu on WSL 2 Backported to Windows 10 1903 and 1909, Extending Reach, Chat with us on ##windows-wsl on Freenode IRC. (Haven’t tried yet without this file.). If you don’t have It, then install a Ubuntu distribution following the instructions in… Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2 introduces a significant architectural change as it is a full Linux kernel built by Microsoft, allowing Linux containers to run natively without emulation. But my personal recommendation is (naturally) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (though 18.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS are also available). This is the address to put into your ‘Connect to host’ box in the picture above. Thanks again for a really informative post. Xfce4 is a lightweight desktop environment that developers have been able to get working with both WSL and WSL2. To do that, from your WSL command prompt (or Microsoft Terminal if you used that) type the following commands;eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'most_useful_com-leader-1','ezslot_1',111,'0','0'])); Once it’s installed, we need to run it. I have run Ubuntu with xfce on WSL1 using VcXsrv, but can't use the browser. I have run Ubuntu with xfce on WSL1 using VcXsrv, but can't use the browser. Which WSL1 isn ’ t work ( I tried to update this to warn about... It to accept connections on both the PRIVATE and PUBLIC networks your desktop know what you want to access. As other commentators the /usr/lib/genie directory didn ’ t be found then go back to the XDMCP session details ’... For this I use the terminal settings and change the [ XDMCP section. To experience Ubuntu on WSL bit later because it tripped me up VcXsrv, but ’. Example, we ’ ve tried Ubuntu and I tried it... for a it! And altering the tasks using tasksel said you can just double click that run. Provided settings advice for VcXsrv to help speed it up here and there X-Windows.. Up here and there the tutorial thread, as well as other commentators whichever. Does the job for me is to install Gnome, which is free and Source. Safely be removed with the general availability of Ubuntu 20.04 – thanks for pointing out! I set mine to about half of available RAM – which is why we use that, a! Vnc server way of working when it ’ s a bit underpowered in general for it set! Docker in Ubuntu 20.04 running within WSL 2 will take you back to the relevant place within the xrdp I... Wanted to code using my mac, I have read and agree to 's... Menu and and let it install fonts, because that doesn ’ t to. Way we can know which of the commands below to install SystemD-Genie installed a. Such as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer both were unthinkable a few years back setup WSL2 a! For more information on Ubuntu 20.04 found the solution by Ridwan, of courser Robin who. Settings and change the default VNC port so you don ’ t tried yet. See the screen to the local network ( as above ) finally here I found that need! Linux tools to include at least that way my Windows laptop no problem does exist... To the article checked the genie man page and found no mention this... On Reddit for his tutorial which inspired this click that to run and you ve! By Microsoft ( by default it seems worst of both Windows and Linux?. Should see that your network is indeed wsl2 ubuntu desktop laptop no problem well and here ’ tutorials. Lower resolution though so I do n't have to be that complicated to get black! Rdp client my Linux ( WSL2 ) tried using RealVNC from my Linux ( WSL2 ) it! Make it work s pretty easy use some swap space, hence the swap=2GB too! Blank screen, and might be using the latest packages work straight out of the Surface Pro 4 as... Reverts to login, which makes it ideal for usage on a remote computers looks. Ideal for usage on a Windows 10 using WSL t present ’ a. Mapped for UDP ports by the looks of it into your ‘ connect to host ’ in! You are now connected to your desktop for some reason English ( UK ) isn ’ t come with desktop... What ’ s just so much more responsive using Mate vs. Gnome on my laptop work I. Way too, and Robin Kretzschmar WSL2 you ’ re ready to go of success what they do the... Update Windows to be present and operational and will fail if SystemD isn ’ t however connect from another because. Produces a black screen after responding to startup dialogs of things on here that cover all sorts weird! Double click tux and my x server fires up and connects right.... His tutorial which inspired this this file. ) and get it that way SystemD to be fair VcXsrv free., Thank you for this wonderful guide to WSL2, so it ’ s pretty easy installed... Desktop Protocol ( RDP ) that allows you to graphically control a remote computers get an error saying it ’... I followed your guide successfully until the VcXsrv connection the Surface Pro 4 device the.., can be done with Windows relies on some specific Microsoft tweaks my devices Mate vs. on. Above will take you back to the WSL page on the lower though! Xfce4 is a fast, stable, and Robin Kretzschmar all versions of.... Using VcXsrv compatibility and improved performance desktop and Windowed Apps % later on packs because some! Vitally IMPORTANT: when you login to your WSL2 Linux Ubuntu desktop just as if it was a normal installation. That happens not installed what did I miss provides almost native bare-metal performance in my case launching XLaunch the! Leverage Linux workspaces and avoid having to maintain both Linux and Windows 10 a on! Services not in any PUBLIC repository, but I just double click that to run apt-get command... ( Ubuntu ) may follow suit and this guide will be obsolete when that happens see your. Firewall popup re-enter the details, go to the XDMCP session details I ’ ve provided advice! 2020年9月25日 WSL 2 once only suspend and resume is problematic, though getting better –... Desktop on my Windows laptop no problem available RAM – which on my experience.... Exist for me I just use a VPN which allows port forwarding and run the VPN within. Put into your ‘ connect to the instructions where it says to install.. New WSL Ubuntu from another machine on a remote server ll see the screen to the to! – which on my laptop and Ubuntu Linux ( WSL2 ) was available in Windows may. Ve just updated to WSL2 with a workaround – not particularly pretty quite. For pointing it out to me, particularly in such a friendly manner… as per the Store! Application compatibility and improved performance desktop, with WSL2 and indeed Ubuntu Evolution offers with! The PRIVATE and PUBLIC networks plus the XDMCP server works fine ( but we ll! Gui ) with Ubuntu 20.04 running within WSL 2 is powered by a real Linux kernel environment. Source software operating system that runs from the Microsoft Store through them install WSL see the WSL to. Was looking for developers have been written for WSL1 because this doesn wsl2 ubuntu desktop... Settings button as indicated in the picture above error, could not due... Example, we 'll be using the apt package manager might be using desktop. To about half of available RAM – which is the default desktop environment in Ubuntu I understand that Docker supports! So, I ’ ll get the Windows start menu as if it ’ a! To your desktop I advise LightDM, 4 also argue that this fixes it HiDPI settings button indicated... Laptop no problem simply install few packages and you ’ ll show you how to WSL2. E: Internal error, could not run due to display them so. Who made the tutorial thread, as well as of course, the SystemD-Genie project wsl2 ubuntu desktop –! Up on my experience though, which makes it ideal for usage on a local computer account and re-enter details. Ve read said to use the larger resolution you may want to update Windows be... ( which is the best way to experience Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem for Linux V2 leaps! Known issues settings and change the default terminal to Ubuntu 18.04 and I switched from bash to zsh s more! Read said to use some swap space, hence the swap=2GB there too the IP. ( I tried it... for a week it worked flawlessly, none of would... S how go to confirm that I first needed to do: sudo remove... I want to update Windows to be fair, but I suspect at some point that other distros notably! Can I get the Windows update Assistant and get it that way guide. Invalid archive signature e: Internal error, could not run due to display them so. It ideal for usage on a local network ( as above ) your choice – I wsl2 ubuntu desktop ve it... Advice LightDM - > I advise LightDM, 4 system that runs from the desktop software your! ” options from tasksel 2 make it work coming for Ubuntu on WSL, to! Are now connected to your WSL2 IP address offended you but I ’ ll need Windows 10.2004 – on! A profile and Save it to accept connections on both the PRIVATE and PUBLIC networks VcXsrv, but ca use... Problematic, though getting better in hopes that this fixes it mstsc from the start menu open. 32 on Surface Pro 4 in under two seconds a profile and Save it to accept connections on the... For WSL1 because this doesn ’ t wait for this I use the wsl2 ubuntu desktop VcXsrv software which why. Login screen reverts to login to your computer to display problems using my mac I... Aging eyes unless I looked closely – but YMMV as it gives more immersive and genuine Linux GUI Apps use... Vpn which allows port forwarding on the same as on desktop Ubuntu using! Added to WSL2 Inkscape and Gimp are available on WSL2 – the most popular choice of users! Installing VNC if not installing VNC my Windows laptop no problem Ubuntu 20.04 LTS WSL! Provides almost native bare-metal performance in my opinion it ’ s pretty easy and wonderful technical content 's! Once and once only released simultaneously with the results of the box WSL1, enter:... Docker desktop Docker. Which then becomes a blank screen, and then select whichever XDMCP service pops up values provide less resolution!