Spend the Day on the Water. Tectonic plates smashed together. KENAI FJORDS NATIONAL PARK TOURS. Commentary from the onboard naturalist makes the most of this 100-mile (160-kilometer) cruise through the stunning landscapes of Kenai Fjords National Park, including stops at Holgate Glacier and the Chiswell Islands, home to large populations of wildlife. Though all the virtual park tours are great, the tour of Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska may be the coolest. The Harding Icefield covers more than 700 square miles in Kenai Fjords National Park and is the source of over 35 named glaciers. For the first time, Kenai Fjords National Park cameras recorded the lake near Bear Glacier drain and disappear in November 2020. Encompassing 669,984 acres, Kenai Fjords National Park was initially protected as a National Monument by President Jimmy Carter in 1978.. Kenai Fjords Glacier Tours. (It’s most definitely the coldest.) Glacier calving on what I believe is the Aialik glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. The Kenai Fjords National Park Tour is a six-hour roundtrip adventure from Seward that visits either the Holgate and Aialik tidewater glaciers. We are a locally-owned, family company celebrating almost 30 years of sharing authentic Alaska adventures with our guests. Visitors can walk around the bottom of Exit Glacier and learn about climate change in the nature center. Kenai Fjords National Park is home to some of the most magnificent glaciers in Alaska. Glaciers dominate the landscape of Kenai Fjords National Park. Visiting Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge on Kenai Fjords National Park Tours. Most people visit Kenai Fjords National Park to explore the Exit Glacier. This Alaska national park boasts abundant wildlife, alpine and tidewater glaciers, and breathtaking scenery. The Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge is the only wilderness lodge residing within the Kenai Fjords National Park. On the primary of my three Kenai Fjords excursions (means again in 1999), I took a half-day sightseeing cruise out of Seward, Alaska. A classic glacier tours stop on any Alaska itinerary, thanks to its proximity to Chugach National Forest and Kenai Fjords National Park Our experienced captains will narrate your cruise and point out wildlife such as whales, sea otters, sea lions, puffins, and more. Several different types of glaciers can be seen from our cruises, including tidewater, piedmont, hanging, and cirque glaciers. It is over 1,000 feet deep. The park is capped by the Harding Icefield, a relic from past ice-ages … Our experienced and knowledgeable captains bring as close as possible to the glaciers of Kenai Fjords National Park. The driving road closes in heavy snows but stays open to snowmobiles and other recreational winter vehicles. But it was the glaciers that carved out its famous fjords, leaving a coastline that looks raked by a giant's fingers. There are lots of other national parks in Alaska but Kenai Fjords National Park should on top of the list of the places visited in Alaska. Cruise Kenai Fjords National Park with Major Marine Tours Major Marine Tours offers world-class wildlife and glacier cruises in Kenai Fjords National Park, departing from the beautiful harbor town of Seward, Alaska. Kenai Fjords National Park is an American national park established in 1980 by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.The park covers an area of 669,984 acres (1,046.9 sq mi; 2,711.3 km 2) on the Kenai Peninsula in south-central Alaska, near the town of Seward.The park contains the Harding Icefield, one of the largest ice fields in the United States. National park. There are a couple short (but steep) trails that go up to a viewpoint of the Exit Glacier, or visitors can hike the 8.2-mile round trip Harding Icefield Trail. Located 50 miles southwest of Seward, Alaska, and only accessible by boat, the 1,700 acre Pederson Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary in Aialik Bay is home … Exit Glacier is the only glacier in the park reachable by road. For recommendations on getting around the park, visit the Kenai Fjords National Park Information Center near the small boat harbor. The Exit Glacier is part of the larger Harding Icefield. The landscape here is very dramatic, with steep mountain peaks rising out of the ocean for thousands of feet, where there are capped off by an extensive ice field. Hop aboard one of Alaska’s most popular wildlife and glacier cruises, and take an extraordinary 5 1/2-hour journey through Kenai Fjords National Park. Sweeping from rocky coastline to glacier-crowned peaks, Kenai Fjords National Park encompasses 607,805 acres of unspoiled wilderness on the southeast coast of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. Kenai Fjords National Park boasts five of them. Once aboard the M/V Arctic Endeavor, you’ll embark across Resurrection Bay to Kenai Fjords National Park for breath taking views and an unforgettable Alaskan experience! Climb 30 feet down into a glacial crevasse, then take a kayak trip through one of Kenai’s icy lagoons. One of the largest ice fields in the United States, Harding covers more than half of Kenai Fjords National Park. There's only one area of the park, Exit Glacier, that is accessible by the aptly named Exit Glacier Road. Explore museums and play with Art Transfer, Pocket Galleries, Art Selfie, and more. This 6-hour cruise explores Kenai Fjords National Park and visits an actively calving tidewater glacier in beautiful Aialik Bay. Experiencing Alaska’s glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park Upgrade to include an Alaska salmon and prime rib lunch. ( Google Maps ) The park is centered around the Harding Icefield, the largest ice field in the United States from which nearly 40 glaciers flow. Price includes glass, window matboard, and your choice of frame The Wild Images Team has spent many days kayaking through the ocean inlets of Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. Magma vented up through cold ocean water. Take an unforgettable glacier and wildlife cruise into Kenai Fjords National Park! (It’s most definitely the coldest.) A guided boat cruise promises the best perspective for viewing the icy phenomenon. Exclusive Fox Island Experience. Captains choose to visit either the Aialik or Holgate Glacier on this tour based on wildlife, glacial activity and weather conditions. Only with a National Park Service Ranger does a cruise through Alaska’s famously beautiful fjords become an educational excursion. Enjoy included dinner on board. The accessibility of the hiking trails, some of which lead onto this glacier inside Kenai Fjords National Park, makes this attraction one of the most popular glaciers. Kenai Fjords National Park lies along the coastline of the Kenai Peninsula. Today nearly 51% of the park is covered by ice, and we owe our spectacular fjords and valleys to ancient glacial activity. Other glaciers in the park are only accessible by boat or air. Ancient earthen forces built the landscape of Kenai Fjords National Park. Though the 4-hour Kenai Fjords cruise was transient, the wildlife watching was nonetheless extraordinary. See calving glaciers, abundant marine wildlife, and stunning Alaska coastal scenery. In addition to Seward Halibut fishing, we offer fully guided Kenai Fjords Glaciers tours via boat, during the Summer months!Our trips depart from Seward, Alaska on our 43Ft Delta with Captain Johnny. Nearly 40 glaciers flow from the Harding Icefield, the crown jewel of Kenai Fjords. Listen to the sound of icebergs, captured with special contact microphones. As you cruise through Resurrection Bay, keep watch for Stellar sea lions, harbor seals, puffins, eagles, and whales… Image zoom United States - Glacier Bay vs. Kenai Fjords and more - I'll be be in Alaska from August 9th-25th and I had a couple of questions. The terminus of Exit Glacier can be accessed on foot and by car. View from a sightseeing boat. United States. The Exit Glacier received its name from the first recorded crossing of the Harding Icefield in 1968. Day cruises to Kenai Fjords National Park, Columbia Glacier & more. Title: Kenai Fjords National Park Glaciers; Location: Kenai Fjords National Park; Get the app. Recommended. Since Kenai Fjords National Park runs into the Gulf of Alaska, it really is … See dynamic glaciers and abundant wildlife with a sea kayaking excursion in Resurrection Bay and into the Kenai Fjords National Park. The rest is … Watch a whale breach and glaciers calve into the water. Commentary from the captain and crew make the most of this 100-mile (160-kilometer) cruise through the stunning landscapes of Kenai Fjords National Park, including stops at Holgate Glacier and the Chiswell Islands, home to large populations of wildlife. 14 photos Before doing trip research I thought most glaciers were down by Juneau but thankfully there's plenty close to Anchorage in the Seward area at Kenai Fjords National Park! Harding Icefield, about the size of Rhode Island, is the source of 38 glaciers in Kenai Fjord National Park. This must-do tour from Seward offers the chance to view whales, birds and other wildlife as you cruise past alpine and tidewater glaciers among the fjords. Kenai Fjords National Park One of the most amazing natural places in Southcentral Alaska, Kenai Fjords National Park is the perfect place to explore marine life, fish for salmon and halibut, and watch glacier ice tumble into the waters below. Kenai Fjords National Park is a unique place to see in Alaska with its numerous glaciers, icefields, vast forests and wildlife and of course cold.