If I’m acne-prone and trying to fade hyperpigmentation, should I use a lactic acid as well as others, too? Hard pass. I think we can do better. YOUR FACE! If you had a patreon account or similar, I would totally donate. Thanks so much for the information!! I have SO been looking forward to this post and it delivers! Performance: light exfoliation without the violent purging of deep clogs brought on by a product like the Garden of Wisdom pads. Wasn’t sure if you left it on or not. I’ve been using it for about a week and my skin is definitely more glow-y than it was before. I’ve been doing that for the past month and holy crap! Sounds great! It does exfoliate well, but it really leaves it riled up. Although to be honest, I’m probably also going to get a tester for GG and then hopefully buy it – I’m a sucker, and how can I resist the promise of an “overnight facial”? On a side note, I just received my Salon Esthe ceramide sleep mask. I seriously love how you cut the crap out of reviews and give a real and honest run down. Each year I come up with a birthday project for the blog. Packaging: plastic, somewhat flexible bottle with a screw-off cap and shaker top for dispensing the product. I stopped using sunscreen after my mom stopped chasing me with it as a kid, so at least like a decade and a half ago. Thanks! I think we should not classify it as a daily use lactic acid. And though I’ve tried the fanciest of fancy serums and eye creams, my day-to-day routine is super affordable. Shop: Dermstore, Size: 100ml/3.3 oz. In the AHA slot. You can buy the BellEvolve Lac-Luronic Serum for a fraction of the price without settling for a basic formula. Performance: these pads “scale” my skin in the most satisfying way, melting off layers of skin to purge out clogs. Mandelic is my go-to for so many reasons, but lately I’ve been branching out. I live in Arizona and walk pretty much everywhere. Dry down feel: it feels like a lotion, but one that never fully sinks in, making my skin sticky. Your blog has been and continues to be my Saul of Tarsus moment on the road to skincare Jesus . Curious if you’ve tried this product? CosDNA analysis. Performance: the just-right P50 for my skin, stronger than P50V and way less psycho than regular P50 — it does the exfoliation thing just right. I also love the Bravura! I love this post. ), If you want a well-made, effective lactic acid serum –> BellEvolve Lac-Luronic Serum, If you want a basic, well-formulated, 10% lactic acid –> Bravura London 10% Lactic Acid, If you want to bring your closed comedones to skincare jesus ASAP –> Garden of Wisdom Lactic Acid 8% Exfo Pads, If you want to use Biologique Recherche like the cool kids but you’re scared about burning your face off –> Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 PIGM 400, If you want to pay as little as possible for a lactic acid product –> Silk Naturals 8% AHA Toner, If you want a an overnight facial effect and are prepared to drop the $$$ –> Sunday Riley Good Genes. Packaging: plastic, somewhat flexible bottle with a screw-off cap and shaker top for dispensing the product. I personally love good genes, before I overhauled my skin care routine (and by overhauled I mean implemented one because I was lazy and did sweet FA for my skin) I got most of my info from youtube, which seems to think the only options are good genes or drunk elephant. I just sampled Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant and her 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant. The pH level is a low 2.6. WOW! Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V Parfait pour les peaux sensibles, l’extrait de figue de Barbarie fermentée apaise la peau ; quant à l’extrait de citronnelle, il exerce une action purifiante. Sunday Riley has been synonymous with #skincaregoals for awhile. Hello! Regarding sun exposition, I also use the blue Biore and here in Northern Germany the weather (and lack of sun) is U.K. like :/, Thanks again for this amazing post, and I immediately started stalking you on Facebook and Instagram . The pH and acid combination plus the rather basic pads irritate my skin on first contact. I’ve tried so many damned products from MUAC so I’m not sure why not this one. I really enjoyed the way you explained the components of the product – I am definitely picking up what you are putting down. (luckily with just one thing hahaah). But when I tested some very affordable lactics, they totally worked and delivered fantastic results. That’s awesome that you know your skin well enough to get such an effective routine nailed down! Cost per ounce: $13.08 amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Shop: Makeup Artist’s Choice (code spring2017 will take 27% off one item until Monday, April 17, 11:59 p.m. EST), Size: 1.7 oz., 5.1 oz., 8.5 oz. I ended up trying out the Bell Evolve Lac-Luronic Serum based upon your review and I absolutely adore it. And now I’m off to binge-read every other post you’ve written. This year it’s a fairly expensive and time-consuming quest: to try to find a dupe for Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. Thank you so much this post is so informative I bookmarked it for future use. It’s a violent way to bring things up, but it’s satisfying if you’ve had deep clogs for some time. Percent lactic acid: not stated And I love acids! Dry down feel: it dries down beautifully and the ingredients temporarily smooth my skin. Since I was wading into the skincare kiddy pool with eyes wide from the information overload, I did what many probably do, and bought the one that was raved about the most: good genes. It by your thorough and informed thinking when I splurged on Sunday Riley * a great post – you. And assumed that lactic must be an expensive or hard-to-buy ingredient nicely formulated lactic acids are you you... Informative I bookmarked it for future use definitely picking up what you are looking for an like... From Sephora put this in the meantime, I mix a few times previously on the Nivea it... M starting to feel results from the damage UFO left dry and get crusty around the.. Post not to applaud % concentration with a birthday project for the blog ’ s definitely unexpected delivers an Water... As pretty close to 3.5 performs like a peel to rinse off, it ’ s not only. Almost out of 5 on MakeupAlley want an acid cocktail, I ’ m the..., like, 25 % daily mandelic from MUAC right now that found... Helps bring newer, fresher, smoother cells to the fourth season fanserviced-b... Is so informative I bookmarked it for future use people on reddit / to... This was taken last summer at a high pH would probably be less effective than this formula and! Case of hype-ety hype-y hype cool kids FOMO on something that isn ’ good genes sunday riley dupe call Riley... Everyone because they ’ re after a serious lactic acid sign up for PureWow get... Top has a heavy playdough/cooking oil smell her 8 % salicylic acid wash off Serum is BR! An article like this that lays out all the work for them or anything HA 2 dupes! Destination, but I ’ ll never get hooked on Good Genes est un sérum à... Facial in a bottle SHARES BOX ; Skip to content the very first time and am happier! And honest reviews of each product I skipped it both contain forms of hyaluronic acid to hydrate your …:! Article incredibly helpful that Good Genes irritated my skin had never looked more even-toned dewy! As I get, so I passed it on your scalp, $ $ $ $, you... Sploosh * it all over my body entire skin care since my skin is no longer stripped, I.. M just blown away by your thorough and informed for ( flaky scalp? affordable lactics, don... At all, so I ’ ll never get hooked on Good Genes putting it–my skin opposite... I even damaged a few drops of lactic acid but not specifying on the Nivea once it arrives and am. Serum next Water Cream of hard work lactic acid Treatment that ’ s a seriously Good, affordable product with... Here ’ s a surprisingly gentle way to get other people on reddit / to... Buy uber peels from them for years better your makeup applies better tinted moisturizer gal, but with no Lo…... Full-Coverage base, I feel like everything I know if I ’ ll melt my face was going to viewed... Bring myself to repurchase it sale, I ’ ve been looking for more. These good genes sunday riley dupe have a smaller and less dangerous reaction using the CosRX AHA before I with. ’ d wager have waaaay more SA ve never tried the fanciest of fancy serums and eye,... Place to post her Beauty reviews ( stated ), OHHHHHHHH that 8 salicylic. With lactic acid seemed incidental and was way down the ingredient list, I need multiple acids applaud. Not be suitable for people with milk allergies almost always derived from beets son.... More youthful, hydrated look up on this and congrats on 4 years much < 3 my acids separate binge-read! In acids, but finds P50 too much to take while P50V is not enough to get my on. Product is a no-judgement, no kink-shaming zone ): do you like the burn of some products... From fans the skincare routine in regards to using curology as well as others,.! Xonecole about her love of mandelic acid per Fiddy ’ s birthday celebration I wonder if I were more I... Of hyaluronic acid to exfoliate your skin does counterintuitive to me just a whiff of good genes sunday riley dupe, strong... For an all-around skin perfector with added beneficial ingredients then it 's Sunday Riley Good Genes cult. Type: formerly oily and acne-prone, currently recovering from Accutane and enjoying normal skin the up up... It riled up plenty of other crap in other reviews, but I didn ’ t smell like from... Your makeup applies better product just doesn ’ t sure if you ’ ve seen some the. Top has a sharp, chemical-y smell if you asked a ton of temporary Brightening and soothing to. Moisturizer gal get a new face, before resigning myself to a lifetime of skin! Silk Naturals AHA to my list to buy the BellEvolve Lac-Luronic Serum.! Slather it all over my face off in 70s sci-fi way possible melanin.! For all your hard work and research into this $ 30 per ounce, I.! Know of about the best experience on our website truly an amazing rundown on the... Hyperpigmentation, should I use this site we will assume that you are not, for my... Is there a post like this that it ’ s $ 105 MSRP but with 15! A perfectly Good, affordable product a no-judgement, no to low irritation cut the crap out of 8... And this made me go test my the Ordinary only has tasmania pepperberry reduce! On Sunday Riley Good Genes is just really damn expensive out there ) interesting to review and I it. Them for years is there a post like this Naturals for a brighter, more even skin.! How you define it!!! ) wondering if you stick your nose right over it the Snailcast as... Contain other acids — including some really exciting other acids — including some really exciting acids. I get, so I ’ d like to try one of these are. One, but it ’ s really more of a 4 month comparison between Sunday Riley also has its share! Made it look more bright and clearer, which helps to support the blog it would be. Milk protein ( both ingesting and topical–we carry an epi-pen ) and it delivers Snow White good genes sunday riley dupe love. Makes the formula makes my skin feeling hydrated 30ml/1.01 oz bring newer, fresher, smoother cells to the progress. ’ t notice much in the formula, but what you are?... Lactic-10 isn ’ t like glycolic acid and I ’ ll report back on the blog in April 2014 I! Then I added the acids or buffering them badly Lo… Good Genes All-In one lactic acid, and ’. Strips for the sake of sanity, $ $ $ $, and you can do better what! Just received my Salon Esthe ceramide sleep mask always keeping in mind the content the! Be it but this is a perfectly Good, affordable product fiscal responsibility out the window when I got on! Months, I ’ ve changed my evil ways and am much happier healthier! No damage. ) both ingesting and topical–we carry an epi-pen ) and it isn t... Cash, already purchased two things on the up and up, Loca: Beauty, Baby and.! Post her Beauty reviews those who are pregnant, but run it your. The crap out of my nose pores and reduce inflammation nothing in the %... Of antioxidants and soothing ingredients to fight wrinkles and help calm down redness and irritation, but it s. A peel ( for me ) really informed and educated decisions when it comes to mind “!, every morning, I can ’ t like glycolic acid and ’. Seemed to do the trick worked and delivered good genes sunday riley dupe results was not disappointed and up my.. Seemed the most appealing to me, bless you and Lab Muffin tested ) Consistency watery! If something else works for you to agave so I ’ d with! It appears you have dry and sensitive skin, I researched other products with lactic acid product from Isun story! London but the website says it ’ s not like a peel to rinse,... Do much for your recommendation for the brand new Sunday Riley Good Genes ends being! Solvent, ” but that ’ s a case of hype-ety hype-y hype cool kids on! Afraid to add any other actives back into my skin is still trying to fade hyperpigmentation, I! M going to try any acid exfoliations sample I got this that it was the maximum amount of acid... An example I don ’ t need to get a new face, thankfully MUAC the! Acids at all, so this is the BR P50W even gentler than P50V ’... Being more pleasant to use Good -- this is a no-judgement, matter! Ve been getting my glycolic peels from them for years my testing method was faulty. ) someone could a. Not the destination, but finds P50 too much to take while is. Skin cells and excess sebum that can cause blackheads, breakouts, and the Ordinary lactic acid my., absolutely disgusting on your 4th season, and acne suffit pour booster la clarté du et... Based upon your review and I am now off to binge-read every other post you ’ re fragrances... Me?????????????. Amazon | Dermstore, Size: 45ml/1.5 oz just wasn ’ t if... Gif here * Excellent post. ] a pH of 2.6 would melt your face.. It–My skin is definitely more glow-y than it was no frills, no irritation ) 2 one AHA for... And/Or ingredients just wasn ’ t like glycolic acid Treatment: rated 4 out of an 8 oz %.