Does not bite at all. Female Cinnamon cockatiels retain their dull orange cheek patches. Sex Linked Yellow Cheek Cockatiels. The male Cinnamon Cockatiel develops a bright yellow face (also know as the mask) and bright orange cheek patches after his first molt. and often times the males molt their ''brown wash'' in, while the females have it from the time they're feathered. This is the seventh established mutation which appeared for the first time with domesticated cockatiels in 1964 in … When rearing these birds…..and here I allude to the pastel face/whiteface combination… is increasingly healthy and alluring to match them with a visual whiteface winged creature. 1. pastel face cockatiel for sale. Cockatiel . The Dominant mutations are Dominant Silver and Dominant Pastel-Face. Fallow Cockatiels. White Face and Pastel Face Cockatiels We will be in Collinsville AL Saturday 7 28 2012, let us know what your interested in and well bring it! He is so calm and sweet and just wants to sit on my shoulder. For additional information regarding these Cockatiel mutations please contact Bob Crossley, "Yew Tree", Milwich, Stafford, ST18 OEH, England ortelephone Crossley in England at 01785 228178. Do your research first Saved by Oisellerie EXO Exotique. Pastel Face (recessive to Normal) Emerald Gold Cheek . The fallow cockatiel mutation is very similar and often mistaken for cinnamon and cinnamon lutinos. I have 2 normal pearls and one regular pearl pied. 1 photo. 1 Pastel Face Lutino Cockatiel 7 to 8 Weeks Old Hand Feeding 1 Time a Day Eating Seed and Millet Almost Weaned Unsexed Good Condition IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE NEVER HAND FED A BABY BIRD PLEASE DO NOT BID. Right Petwer - Left Cinnamon Back to main page. The Pastelface Cockatiel gene is an individual from the ‘Blue’ group of qualities or also called the Whiteface family in cockatiels. The Yellow-faced, Yellow-cheeked, Dominant Silver and Dominant Pastel-face are new mutations which are not addressed in this document. 发布于 2020-09-15; 分类:22.活水得勝網站; 阅读(1) 评论(0) This ad was posted with the eBay Classifieds mobile app. Cockatiels pair male is white face with Cinnamon female DYC Pearl. We'll start with the colors. The Dominant cockatiel mutations are Dominant Silver another is Dominant Pastel-Face. The tail may be lighter than the body, but it i… Cage NOT included. Have 2 Pastel cheek patch 5 way split cockatiel babies Split to White face, pearl, Lutino, normal, pied and albino Being handfed will be weaned by September… 10 photos. Mutations are the result of in-breeding various colored cockatiels. They stand out because they have no orange cheek patches or yellow coloring at all. See more ideas about whiteface, cockatiel, animals. Females have gray or brown faces, spots under their wing feathers, and … These birds will be hand fed from 2 weeks and raised in a family environment. Pick up only.... New Baby's On Deck. The Pastelface Cockatielgene is a member of the 'Blue' family of genes or better known as the Whiteface family in It is known in the bird world as the Parblue mutation. Dominant Silver. ... GoldCheek Cockatiels. When combined with pearl it is a lovely bird. $130 OBO. I am now taking deposits and names for my cockatiel wish list. I have very beautiful white faces and pastels. The Pewter Cockatiel Mutation is exclusive to Australia Lighter than normal grey but the tone is darker than cinnamon and the feet are much darker compared to the cinnamon. Making the face a pale yellow and the cheek spot a pale pastel orange. Some yellow pigment is still present but a more diluted version. 2. X Research source Cockatiels with the white face mutation but non-white bodies sometimes have males with no cheek spots at all, and females with faint cheek spots that match the body plumage. Many people think the white faced cockatiel is the most beautiful of them all. $130 OBO. Visit my store Pet World and see these... 4 years of age tame white face Cockatiel. We Have From Fallows, Lutinos, Fallow Pied,... Have a large collection of white faced tiels for sale..Im located in Yonkers Already tagged. Pastelsilver Cockatiels . Cage NOT included. A mature male will have a dark grey body everywhere except for the white stripe on each wing, the bright yellow face and crest, and the orange cheek spot. All handraised. Already tagged. I expect whiteface silver pied and pearl pied to finally satisfy my mental image of a silver pied bird. This ad was posted with the eBay Classifieds mobile app. Cockatiels Available! Emerald Cockatiels. The Sex-linked cockatiel mutations are Pearl, Cinnamon, Lutino, as well as Yellow-faced cockatiel. 1. I have a male white faced cockatiel and a female pearl white faced cockatiel for sale. White face & pastel face cockatiels for sale in Apache Junction, Arizona $75 Share it or review it. Already tagged. Whiteface pastel silver, in my opinion, is more attractive than the normal pastel silver because all of the yellow tones are removed from the dilute colour. Creamface, pastelface, and whiteface are three recessive mutations that make up the parblue, or partial-blue, series. Recessive Silver Cockatiels. This is my new baby cockatiel, he is almost 4 months old and is a pastelface pearl male cockatiel. Pastelface cockatiels (pictured on the left) have a reduced amount of yellow and red in their plumage, giving their cheek patches a pastel peach appearance. Americanlisted has classifieds in Kagel Canyon, California for dogs and cats. The Pastelsilver Cockatiel gene is another autosomal recessive mutation.It is known technically as a 'Dilute mutation' because it basically reduces the amount of grey family pigments or melanins that are produced.This effect gives a gorgeous … She is semi tame. They are healthy and ready to... Hi, I have a large variety of baby cockatiels and also peach faced lovebirds for sale. There are 6 different recognized color variations. I have three beautiful handfed child cockatiels that are discouraged and all set to head to a loving and new house. The fee for him is $80. Before contacting or visiting the advertiser for this Cockatiels. BABY WILL BE 2 WEEKS OLDER WHEN SOLD As a caged bird, cockatiels are second in popularity only to the budgerigar. Cage NOT included. tannish, pastel brown color with heavy yellow suffusion in the feathers and diluted pigments in the beak, feet, and eyes. White Faced Cockatiel Just as the name suggests these cockatiels normally have a stunning white face. I have a beautiful Pastel Face Cinnamon split Pied female cockatiel for sale. 2 years old. This ad was posted with the eBay Classifieds mobile app. The whiteface mutation (pictured at the bottom) removes all yellows and reds from the plumage, giving affected birds a pure-white face. She was hand raised. The Recessive cockatiel mutations are Pied, Whiteface, Fallow, Recessive Silver as well as Yellow-cheeked cockatiels. Parrot BirdCockatielParrotsParakeetsAll BirdsCute BirdsPretty BirdsBeautiful Birds Does not bite at all. 4 photos. I have 12... Vanleer Tennessee Pets and Animals 125 $ View pictures. 2 years old. Smart, Handsome, Independent, Gentle and Playful. Mutations which produce gray/brown birds with white or yellow markings include Whiteface, Pastel Face, Yellow Cheek, Silver, Fallow Cinnamon, etc . She is semi tame. All three mutations affect the gene that controls the amount of yellow in a cockatiel’s plumage. Already tagged. She was hand raised. Love him so much, but cannot give as much attention as he needs. It is referred to in the winged animal world as the Par blue change. 3 breeder female cockatiels. Already tagged. $1. The white-faced cockatiel is one of the cockatiel colour genetic mutations, with a mostly white or grayish face. In cockatiels a cross-over would be a Lutino Cinnamon. 1. Does not bite at all. Really rare to find. Jan 5, 2018 - Explore Toshihito Kido's board "Cockatiel WhiteFace cinnamon" on Pinterest.