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Selamat Hari Sukan Negara!​

Team MIDF take on Putrajaya Square for Hari Sukan Negara 2021.

hari sukan

MITI took a different approach to celebrating Hari Sukan Negara 2021 in view of the current COVID-19 situation nationwide. Each ministry and their respective agencies were required to organise their own sports, fitness and recreational activities for their own staff, families as well as surrounding communities in adherence to the latest SOP for the sports and recreation sectors. ​

In support of this, Kelab Sukan Rekreasi MIDF (KRSM) in collaboration with Development Finance Division (DFD), organised a cycling event on 10 October 2021 at Dataran Putrajaya which saw the participation of 16 staff members including 2 from our senior management team, Encik Azizi Hj Mustafa and Encik Mahayudin bin Ismail. All participants successfully completed a 10-kilometer ride around the Putrajaya Square. ​

Congratulations TEAM MIDF!  What a fun-filled day it was. ​

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