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  • EXPO MILANO 2015

Investment Banking
The Sky. What happens when you’ve already reached it? At MIDF, we combine our expertise to provide you with innovative financial solutions to transcend a new dimension.With our help, there’s only one way you can go. Up.
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Development Finance
Money. Sooner or later that’s what it comes down to. Whether it’s a new project or an expansion, our Development Finance Division can offer you all the financial assistance you need to get started and going. After all, it is our dream to finance yours.
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Asset Management
The Journey. It’s what makes the destination all the more special. As one of the leading fund managment firms in the country, we offer you our asset management services that will help grow the value of your investments. Well, it always pays to know where you’re going.
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Islamic Finance
We offer a range of Shariah-compliant products and services, to cater to client preference. Having obtained acceptance and recognition, now Islamic banking and finance is not only the choice of Muslims, but also favoured by people of various races and religions as the primary choice for their financial needs.
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