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Frequently Asked Questions

MIDF stands for Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad, and its purpose is to help promote industrial growth as a catalyst for economic growth in Malaysia. MIDF does this by providing services that will help businesses grow and achieve their goals through SME financing, investment banking and asset management.

The benefits of partnering with MIDF are manifold. One of the main benefits is that a partnership with MIDF means that your business will be working with one of the most long-standing financial service providers in Malaysia. With MIDF, you will get highly customized financial services fit for your business’s unique needs, be it in the form of corporate financing, investment banking or asset management. Another advantage of partnering with MIDF is that the rates we offer are one of the best in town, with up to RM20 million offered in financing facilities at a fixed interest rate of as low as 2% per annum on monthly payments.

MIDF's financing schemes have some of the lowest rates you can get in town, with a fixed interest rate of as low as 2% per annum on monthly payments. Terms and conditions apply of course. 

MIDF offers a range of financial services for companies and businesses that need them. In terms of development finance, MIDF offers financing facilities for SMEs and mid-tier businesses. For investment banking, MIDF offers services such as fixed-income investments and private investments. And finally for asset management, MIDF offers a range of unit trusts and fund management products.

MIDF is spearheaded by some highly experienced individuals in corporate Malaysia. On this page, you can find MIDF’s management team and board of directors.

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