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ESG Policy.

The policy forms the basis of the Group’s position regarding the implementation of all ESG considerations in its operational financing and business activities.

Consistent with MIDF Group’s corporate aspirations of becoming the preferred financial services provider that values its employees, clients, and the environment, MIDF Group’s ESG vision is to create sustainable impact through Value-based Intermediation (VBI). 

The principles of VBI focuses on the enhancement of the well-being of the people through the preservation of wealth, faith, lives, posterity, and intellect. 

Sustainable Approach.

MIDF Group’s approach to ESG are driven by the following three pillars


Integrates ESG criteria into traditional financing and investment assessments and setting ESG benefits as one of the key objectives.


Promotes ESG practices in operations and processes across the Group.


Nurtures a mindset that is customer-centric and focuses on the impact on stakeholders, including employees, the community, as well as the environment.

Sustainability Rating.

MIDF acknowledges its responsibilities to contribute to a sustainable future. We are committed to ensure responsible operation of our business through sound and transparent corporate governance and a culture of strong business ethics.

To maintain good sustainability conduct within industry standards, we conducted a sustainability rating exercise with RAM Ratings in 2021, achieving a Silver rating.

As we move forward to further embed sustainability into our business, we aim to score a Gold rating to reflect our commitment in this area.

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