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money market deposit

Our Solutions.

Our dedicated teams specialising in Islamic and Conventional products are active in trading and investments of money market and capital market instruments to help you generate the most yield out of your cash, whether you are corporate, institution or individual.

Islamic Deposit.

Commodity Murabahah Deposit-i (CMD-i).

The CMD-i provides customers with certainty of returns i.e. fixed profit that is undertaken based on a pre-agreed profit margin or marked-up price.

The fixed profit rate is derived from the sale and purchase of Shariah-compliant commodities based on the concept of Murabahah via a Tawarruq arrangement. 

Conventional Deposits.

Term & Call Deposits.

Term Deposit is a deposit placed at a fixed interest rate for a specified maturity period, which can be for a short or long-term tenure.

Whereas for Call Deposit, the deposit bears a return at an agreed interest rate with no specified maturity date, giving you immediate access to your funds while still enjoying competitive returns.

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