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MIDF Anti Corruption Plan (MACP)

The MIDF Anti Corruption Plan (MACP) 2021-2025 is a comprehensive five-year plan charting the organisation’s strategic position and direction in our fight against bribery and corruption.

The MACP is intended to provide clarity and to ensure that organisational needs are streamlined towards achieving the nation’s aspirations. Its objective is to enhance accountability and credibility in providing financial services.

A corrupt-free financial service provider that creates superior value for our stakeholders by upholding integrity with high professionalism and good governance.

To deliver superior standards of financial services to stakeholders by consolidating integrity values and good governance into the environment.

This anti-corruption plan offers a uniform framework with measurable, trackable indicators that will promote consistency within the organisation. It is a symbol of commitment and dedication as all employees of MIDF Berhad embark on a journey to combat corruption and move towards shaping a corrupt-free ecosystem in the organisation.

The materialisation of the MACP through its five strategies relating to Governance, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, and Procurement, is underpinned by 12 strategic objectives and 29 initiatives. The formulation of these strategies and initiatives has taken into consideration the short-term and long-term trends, risks, and challenges.