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Financing for Large Businesses

Business Financing Solutions.

We understand your need for long-term financing solution whilst balancing immediate financing needs and optimising cost-efficiency. Our customised solutions include:

  • Bridging the financing gap pending completion of your long-term fundraising activities or investment banking transactions advised by us.
  • Advising and arranging both Islamic or Conventional syndicated/club facility.
  • Advising, structuring, executing, and marketing of debt capital market instruments such as corporate bonds or sukuks.
  • Guarantee payment obligation when bidding for tenders to ensure your financial obligations are fulfilled.


Our recent award-winning deals are the RM785 million ijara sukuk which unlocks the value of Aman Central Mall for AC First Genesis’ which won the Best Securitization Sukuk Award for The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards 2022 and the RM200 million ASEAN sustainability SRI Murabaha sukuk, the first agriculture-based sustainability SRI Sukuk in Malaysia, which won the Most Innovative Deal and Best Deal by Country for Agroto Business’. MIDF Amanah Investment Bank Berhad (MAIB) received the “Best Syndicated Loan of the Year 2022” award for OMS Group Sdn Bhd’s Multi-Currency Syndicated Facilities at Alpha Southeast Asia’s 16th Annual Best Deal & Solution Awards 2022.

In 2021, our award-winning deals are the RM235 million Murabahah Term Financing Facility for Golden Sands Beach Resort City Sdn Bhd which won the Best Project Finance Loan from The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards 2021 and the RM3 billion Sukuk Ijarah Asset-backed Programme which won the Best Sukuk Ijarah Deal of the Year from the Alpha Southeast Asia's 15th Best Deal & Solution Awards 2021.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Corporate financing, as perhaps self-explanatory by the name, is defined as a financing option for corporate entities. Financing is the act of providing funds for business activities, making purchases, or investing. Therefore, the main purpose of corporate business financing is to offer the same services, however on a much larger scale as corporate business financing usually requires a more significant amount of funds for their business activities.

So, what this means is that corporate financing is a larger-scale version of business financing.

There are many different types of corporate financing, and it ultimately depends on what your business needs.

For example, one main type of corporate financing is a working capital loan. A working capital loan is taken when a business needs help covering the day-to-day costs of business operations. These may include payroll, rent or debt repayments. Most companies may not have consistent revenue throughout the year so a working capital loan can help cover operational costs until the business generates the revenue to repay the loan.

The main types of large scale corporate financing for business include:

The benefits of business financing is pretty self explanatory. With business financing, you can rest easy knowing that your business’ financial needs are situated, which leaves you being able to focus on running your business. A business loan also allows you to get financing that corresponds to your business needs, whether it is working capital, a term loan, or even microfinancing.

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