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Fund Management

Fund Management Solutions.

We target active long-term fundamental fund management with a consistent drive to achieve above average performance.

MIDF Amanah Asset Management Bhd provides fund management services to statutory bodies, private pension funds, takaful companies, state government-related funds, charities, foundations and corporations.

Our team has extensive experience in the local markets managing both Shariah and Conventional investment portfolios and with recent conversion in mid-2018 to a fully Shariah licensed entity focusing purely now on Islamic investment products.

Our Offerings.

  • Holistic end-to-end financial solutions in Islamic products with investment mandates such as equity, fixed income/sukuk, balanced portfolios, cash management, unit trust and investment linked products.
  • Investment solutions tailored to match client's risk profile.
  • Portfolio management in accordance to the highest ethical and governance standards.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Fund management is as its name implies, the act of managing the fund of a financial entity. This is usually done by overseeing and handling the fund, to ensure that the maturity schedules of the deposits run concurrently with the demand for loans.

Fund management is important because any financial entity relies on those funds to achieve their investment objectives and goals. In order to ensure a smooth operation, a fund manager has to assess the financial position of the investment to help the fund’s investors achieve their financial objectives.

The principles associated with fund management are as follows;

  • Consistency
  • Timeliness 
  • Justification
  • Documentation
  • Certification

The primary objective of fund management is to manage investment on behalf of investors, either individual investors or financial entities.

Other objectives of fund management is to ensure the stability and safety of the investments by focusing on investments that fits with the investor’s risk profile, working towards guaranteeing long term capital appreciation, and also generating regular cash flow through income from interest and dividend.

The role of a fund management company is just like a regular fund manager, but on a much bigger scale. With a fund management company, they will look to oversee the investment management, and marketing and central administration of the fund. They will also be charged to establish a risk level and manage the risk the fund faces, doing their due diligence that follows all the regulatory requirements while also protecting investor interests.

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